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README for calxxxx-yyyy, 2014/01/01, v1.0f


1 Introduction
2 Download
3 Installation
4 Additional Packages
5 Author/Maintainer
6 Bug Reports
7 Known Problems


To print a calendar for some given years, use the \textsf{calxxxx-yyyy.tex}
file. LaTeXe it, type in the year to start with (for example 2014), the
year to end with (for example 2031), and the calendars for those years are

It is possible to print the calendars in different languages.
Currently English (with week running from Sunday to Saturday),
and Danish and German (with week running from Monday to Sunday) are supported,
but other languages can be added. (When you did a translation, please send
an e-mail with it to Martin DOT Muench AT Uni-Bonn DOT de,
so that it might be included in calxxxx-yyyy.tex, thanks!)

Note: The code of this "package" is based on calxxxx.tex,
which is � 1999 Slobodan Jankovi\'{c} (Thanks!).

This material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License
(LPPL). See
licenses.lppl.html for the details of that license.


'calxxxx-yyyy' is available on CTAN:

Also a ZIP file is provided that contains the files:
the manual (README.tex, README.pdf), the compiled examples
(cal2014-2031_DE.pdf, cal2014-2031_DK.pdf, and
cal2014-2031_EN.pdf), and this README, already
sorted in a TDS tree:

`CTAN:' means one of the `Comprehensive TeX Archive Network'
nodes or one of its mirrors. This is explained in

The CTAN stuff will be mirrored automatically from the
ftp server, so
corresponds to


Installation with ZIP file in TDS format
The ZIP file `' contains the files
sorted in a TDS tree. Thus you can directly unpack the
ZIP file inside a TDS tree.
(See for an explanation of TDS.)
  cd /...somewhere.../texmf
  unzip /...downloadpath.../
Do not forget to refresh the file name database of this
TDS tree.
  texhash /...somewhere.../texmf

Manual installation
a) Download the calxxxx-yyyy files from CTAN.
   If necessary, unpack them.
b) Install the file `calxxxx-yyyy.tex' in your TDS tree:
     cp calxxxx-yyyy.tex TDS:tex/latex/calxxxx-yyyy/
   Replace `TDS:' by the prefix of your TDS tree
   (texmf directory).
c) Create the documentation (if necessary), e.g.
     pdflatex README.tex
d) Copy the documentation files to
   (and e.g. cal2014-2031_DE.pdf, cal2014-2031_DK.pdf,
    and cal2014-2031_EN.pdf).
e) Update the databases if necessary, e.g. for teTeX:
     mktexlsr .../texmf


calxxxx-yyyy itself loads these other packages:
babel, geometry, arry,
which again load other packages
(see the result of the \listfiles command in the log-file
 of the example).


   H.-Martin M�nch


A bug report should contain:
* Comprehensive problem description. This includes error or
  warning messages.
* \errorcontextlines=\maxdimen can be added in the
  TeX code to get more information in TeX error messages.
* Minimal test file that shows the problem, but does not
  contain any unnecessary packages and code.
* Used drivers/programs.
* Version information about used packages and programs.
* If you are using LaTeX, then add "\listfiles". Then
  a list of version information is printed at the end
  of the LaTeX run.
* Please no other files than the minimal test file.
  The other files .log, .dvi, .ps, .pdf are seldom
  necessary, so send them only on request.
* Please .zip or .tar.gz your file(s) before sending them!

Bug address
Bug reports can be send to the maintainer:
  H.-Martin M�nch
  <Martin [dot] Muench [at] Uni-Bonn [dot] de>


* If you request too many years (more than about 83) at once,
(La)TeX will run out of memory.


Name Size Date Notes
README 4326 2014-01-01 00:00
README.pdf 91025 2014-01-01 00:00
README.tex 3039 2014-01-01 00:00
cal2014-2031_DE.pdf 110232 2014-01-01 00:00
cal2014-2031_DK.pdf 109986 2014-01-01 00:00
cal2014-2031_EN.pdf 108567 2014-01-01 00:00
calxxxx-yyyy.tex 15971 2014-01-01 00:00

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (413.8k).

calxxxx-yyyy – Print a cal­en­dar for a group of years

The pack­age prints a cal­en­dar for 2 or more years, ac­cord­ing to a lan­guage se­lec­tion. The pack­age is also “cul­ture de­pen­dent”, in the sense that it will start weeks ac­cord­ing to lo­cal rules: e.g., weeks con­ven­tion­ally start on Mon­day in the English-speak­ing world.

Pack­age De­tailscalxxxx-yyyy
Ver­sion1.0f 2014-01-01
Li­censeThe LaTeX Project Public Li­cense 1.3
Copy­right2010 H.-Martin Münch
Main­tainerHans-Martin Münch
Con­tained inTeXlive as calxxxx-yyyy
MikTeX as calxxxx-yyyy
Topics type­set cal­en­dars, di­aries, plan­ning charts, etc.
See also calxxxx
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