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This is the README.txt file of the drac bundle.


                        DRAC.STY v1 2008-08-20


This bundle should contain

    -> for *nix machine; run make to obtain help

English version:
    -> this file
    -> the only description English documentation 
    -> source of drac package and documentation

French version:


This package provides the \DeclareRobustActChar macro the use of which
is similar to the one of \DeclareRobustCommand but which protects the
active character when it appears in a moving argument, see ltdefns.dtx
in /latex/base.

It provides also the \ReDeclareRobActChar macro which is to
\DeclareRobustActChar as \renewcommand is to \newcommand.


If you're running a *nix, you can use the provided Makefile.  For help
type 'make help'.

You can obtain the doc (complete with commented code if
\OnlyDescription [line 54] is commented out) with drac-en.dtx.

Just latex (or pdflatex) it once then
  makeindex -s gind drac-en
  makeindex -s gglo -o drac-en.gls drac-en.glo
then latex (or pdflatex) it once again.

Or use the provided Makefile and type 'make docen'.

Happy TeXing and all that. 

Le \TeX nicien de surface


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Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (710.5k).

drac – De­clare ac­tive char­ac­ter sub­sti­tu­tion, ro­bustly

The pack­age pro­vides macros \De­clareRo­bustAc­tChar and \ReDe­clareRobAc­tChar. One uses \De­clareRo­bustAc­tChar in the same way one would use \De­clareRo­bustCom­mand; the macro \pro­tects the ac­tive char­ac­ter when it ap­pears in a mov­ing ar­gu­ment.

\ReDe­clareRobAc­tChar re­de­fines an ac­tive char­ac­ter pre­vi­ously de­fined with \De­clareRo­bustAc­tChar, in the same way that \re­new­com­mand works for or­di­nary com­mands.

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