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Having lost the overview of my DVD archives, I simply could not remember 
if I already recorded the documentary running on TV that day. I chose to 
recreate the index using LaTeX: the design aim was a hyperlinked and fully 
searchable PDF-document listing my DVDs with all titles, contents, lengths
and so on. Further requirements were support for seasons of tv series and
a list with all faulty or missing programs for rerecording. The dvdcoll
class supports all these requirements.

dvdcoll.cls follows the structure <number><title><length>. As a result, 
the class is not limited to DVDs - you can of course typeset archives of
CD-ROMs, Audio-CDs and so on.

Supported languages at the moment: English, French, German, Italian, Polish,
Portuguese, Spanish.

Some help is needed for other languages! ;-)

License: LPPL

Changes in v1.1a: 

2008/04/21  Bugfix: \pn@pdf@string@def (pdfnotiz.sty) [jk]
              macro name change in hyperref.sty [2008/04/12 v6.77m]
			  (\HyPSD@AMSclassfix -> \HyPsd@AMSclassfix)
			  the same fix is needed in the derived macro \pn@pdf@string@def


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