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fig2epic V1.0a supports Fig-TFX codes in changing font type and font
sizes. It also supports black filled for cirlce and ellipse. You
need to have the Transfig package in order to compile fig2epic.
Transfig can be obtained from

EPIC can be obtained from in
public/latex-style/eepic.shar[12] and EEPIC can be obained from[] in pub/EEPIC10.shar using
anonymous ftp. 

When the configuration file option is included in the
compilation, the new ANSI keyword "void" is used. If your
compiler does not support the "void" type, you will get 30+
warning about "illegal pointer combination" or similar messages.
However, the program should still work.

fig2epic has been tested on BSD 4.3, SUN OS 3.4, Ultrix 2.1 and
Encore Umax 4.2

Bugs report, suggestions and comments are always welcome.

Conrad Kwok

csnet   : kwok@ucd.csnet 
csnet   :
uucp    : {ucbvax, uunet, ... }!ucdavis!iris!kwok


Name Size Date Notes
epic-eg3.fig 2118 1993-01-12 01:00
epic-eg4.fig 2290 1993-01-12 01:00
fig2epic.1 5455 1993-01-12 01:00
makefile 762 1993-01-12 01:00
readme 1018 1993-01-12 01:00
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