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*                 The exsol package                        *
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                                                Walter Daems 

The package \exsol{} provides macros to allow
embedding exercises and solutions in the LaTeX source of an
instructional text (e.g., a book or a course text) while generating
the following separate documents:
  - your original text that only contains the exercises, and
  - a solution book that only contains the solutions to the
    exercises (a package option exists to also copy the exercises
    themselves to the solution book).

The former is generated when running LaTeX on your document. This
run writes the solutions to a secondary file that can be included
into a simple document harness, such that when running LaTeX on
the latter, you can generate a nice solution book.

The code of the exsol package was taken almost literally from
fancyvrb [http://www.ctan.org/pkg/fancyvrb]. 
Therefore, all credits go to the authors/maintainers of fancyvrb.

If you think	
  - there's an error in this package,
  - there's a feature missing in this package,
please, don't hesitate to contact the author through e-mail

Do you like this class file? You're welcome to send beer, wine, or
just kind words.


see file LICENSE


 *** v0.1 - 2012/01/05 ***
     - Initial version

 *** v0.2 - 2012/01/06 ***
     - Minor bug fixes based on first use by Paul Levrie
     - Added option exercisesfont
     - Removed dash in counter when in document without sectioning
     - Attempted to fix MiKTeX formatting problems
     - Fixed babel errors

 *** v0.3 - 2012/01/07 ***
     - Minor bug fixes based on second use by Paul Levrie
     - Fixed labelsep to avoid cluttered itemize environments
     - Added some extra whitespace below exercisesname

 *** v0.4 - 2012/01/09 ***
     - Allowed for non-list formatting of exercises (as default)
     - Changed name of option to exercisesfontsize
     - Added option exercisesinlist such that default results in non
       list formatting of exercises

 *** v0.5 - 2012/01/15 ***
     - Added option to also send exercises to solutions file
     - Changed option exercisesinlist to exerciseaslist
     - Added option copyexercisesinsolutions
     - Changed implementation to allow for copying the exercises to
       the solutions file

 *** v0.6 - 2013/05/12 ***
     - Prepared for CTAN publication

 *** v0.7 - 2014/07/14 ***
     - Solved utf8 compatibility problem
     - Added comment on including solutions at end of file
     - Added Finnish locale

 *** v0.8 - 2014/07/15 ***
     - corrected missing babel tag
     - avoided consuming all write-handles


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ex­sol – Ex­er­cises and so­lu­tions from the same source, into a book

The pack­ageThe ex­sol pack­age pro­vides macros to al­low for em­bed­ding ex­er­cises and so­lu­tions in the LaTeX source of an in­struc­tional text (e.g., a book or a course text) while gen­er­at­ing the fol­low­ing sep­a­rate doc­u­ments:

  • your orig­i­nal text that only con­tains the ex­er­cises, and
  • a so­lu­tion book that con­tains only the so­lu­tions to the ex­er­cises (op­tion­ally, the ex­er­cises them­selves are also copied to the so­lu­tion book).
The ex­er­cise data are gen­er­ated when run­ning LaTeX on your doc­u­ment; the first run also writes the so­lu­tions to a sec­ondary file that may be in­cluded in a sim­ple doc­u­ment har­ness, may be pro­cessed by LaTeX, to gen­er­ate a nice so­lu­tion book.

The code of the pack­age was de­rived (in large part) from fan­cyvrb.

Pack­age De­tailsex­sol
Ver­sion0.91 2014-08-31
Li­censeThe LaTeX Project Public Li­cense 1.3
Main­tainerWal­ter Daems
TDS archiveexsol.tds.zip
Con­tained inTeX Live as ex­sol
MiKTeX as ex­sol
Topics ex­er­cises, prob­lems for so­lu­tion, etc.
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