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   LaTeX Project Public License

   Move the package (.sty file) to a latex search directory if
   you want to be able to use it from any directory.  Ask you 
   system administrator if you need help.
   The distribution contains a documentation, a package file and
   and an example file (which compiles as the documentation).
   * Build the documentation from the example file
      pdflatex documentation.tex


The package flipbook requires the following
standard packages (but one could do without some of them)
   * fancyhdr;
   * graphicx;
   * verbatim;
   * scalefnt;
   * everypage;
   * ifthen;
and LaTeX2e.

The example file uses a few additional packages
   * xspace - smart spaces after words
   * url - urls


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Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (511.4k).

flip­book – Type­set flip­book an­i­ma­tions, in the cor­ners of doc­u­ments

The pack­age pro­vides tech­niques for adding flip book an­i­ma­tions in the cor­ner of your LaTeX doc­u­ments (us­ing im­ages or ASCII art).

An­i­ma­tions are de­fined as a set of num­bered files (e.g., "im1.pdf", "im2.pdf", "im3.pdf", …). The pack­age re­lies on fan­cy­hdr to con­trol the cor­ners.

Pack­age De­tailsflip­book
Li­censeThe LaTeX Project Public Li­cense
Main­tainerOlivier Buf­fet
Con­tained inTeX Live as flip­book
MiKTeX as flip­book
Topics mo­tion graph­ics
graph­ics (type­set­ting ac­tual pic­tures)
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