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LaTeX Package : fmtcount v3.01

Last Modified : 2015-05-05

Author        : Nicola Talbot and Vincent Belaïche

Files         : fmtcount.dtx   - documented source file
                fmtcount.ins   - installation script
		fmtcount.perl  - latex2html style file
		fc-samp.tex       \
		fc-lang.tex        - sample files
	        fc-frlargenum.tex /

The package fmtcount.sty provides commands 
that display the value of a LaTeX counter in a variety 
of formats (ordinal, text, hexadecimal, decimal, 
octal, binary etc).  This package was originally provided
with the datetime package, but is now distributed separately.

See the documentation for more details.

To extract the code from the documented source file do:

latex fmtcount.ins

This will create the files: fmtcount.sty (the LaTeX package), 
and fc-*.def (the language definition files used by 

Move the .sty and .def files to somewhere LaTeX will find it 
(e.g. texmf/tex/latex/fmtcount/) and remember to update the TeX 

Copy the fmtcount.perl file to somewhere where LaTeX2HTML will 
find it (e.g. latex2html/styles/).

To extract the documentation do:

latex fmtcount.dtx
makeindex -s gglo.ist -t fmtcount.glg -o fmtcount.gls fmtcount.glo
latex fmtcount.dtx
latex fmtcount.dtx

Place the resulting file (fmtcount.dvi) into the documentation
directory (e.g. texmf/doc/latex/fmtcount/).

Read the file CHANGES for version changes.

This material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License.
See http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/help/Catalogue/licenses.lppl.html for
the details of that license.



Name Size Date Notes
CHANGES 3082 2015-05-08 16:51
README 1619 2015-05-08 16:51
fc-fr­largenum.tex 3656 2015-05-08 16:51
fc-lang.tex 7512 2015-05-08 16:51
fc-samp.tex 1658 2015-05-08 16:51
fc-type­out-lan­guages.tex 444 2015-05-08 16:51
fmt­count.dtx 287764 2015-05-08 16:51
fmt­count.ins 3523 2015-05-08 16:51
fmt­count.pdf 537356 2015-05-08 16:51
fmt­count.perl 54933 2015-05-08 16:51

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (448.0k).

fmt­count – Dis­play the value of a LaTeX counter in a va­ri­ety of for­mats

The pack­age pro­vides com­mands that dis­play the value of a LaTeX counter in a va­ri­ety of for­mats (or­di­nal, text, hex­adec­i­mal, dec­i­mal, oc­tal, bi­nary etc). The pack­age of­fers some mul­ti­lin­gual sup­port; con­fig­u­ra­tions for use in English (both Bri­tish and Amer­i­can us­age), French (in­clud­ing Bel­gian and Swiss vari­ants), Ger­man, Ital­ian, Por­tuguese and Span­ish doc­u­ments are pro­vided.

This pack­age was orig­i­nally pro­vided as part of the au­thor’s date­time pack­age, but is now dis­tributed sep­a­rately.

Pack­age De­tailsfmt­count
Ver­sion3.01 2015-05-05
Li­censeThe LaTeX Project Public Li­cense 1.3
Copy­right2013–2014 Ni­cola Tal­bot and Vin­cent Belaïche
Main­tainerVin­cent Be­laïche
Ni­cola Tal­bot
TDS archivefmtcount.tds.zip
Con­tained inTeX Live as fmt­count
MiKTeX as fmt­count
Topics for­mat­ting num­bers, etc
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