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		   LaTeX Style For No Starch Press
			Version 1.3 2008/06/06

This is the ``official'' LaTeX style for No Starch Press,
http://www.nostarch.com.  The class is intended to typeset books for
this publisher---both hard copies and electronic books.

The suite provides main class, nostarch.cls, hyperref interface
nshyper.sty and MakeIndex style nostarch.ist.


Version 1.1:  

    Added interface to listings package
    Formatting changes
    Some bug fixes

Version 1.2

    Formatting changes

Version 1.3:

    Bug fixes
    Added user-settable parameters for the table of contents


Name Size Date Notes
100eu­roie.png 16301 2008-03-19 00:05
100eu­roit.png 15657 2008-02-24 05:22
1eu­rogr.jpg 26576 2008-03-05 02:19
Make­file 1358 2008-06-06 23:21
README 594 2008-06-10 00:08
nos­tarch.bib 5369 2008-06-06 23:21
nos­tarch.dtx 73201 2008-06-10 00:08
nos­tarch.ins 1246 2008-03-29 13:41
nos­tarch.pdf 326490 2008-06-10 00:09
nssam­ple.pdf 416315 2008-06-10 00:09
nssam­ple.tex 13804 2008-06-10 00:08
re­cy­cled.png 1190 2008-03-20 00:22
vit­ru­vian.jpg 63756 2008-02-24 05:22

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (757.7k).

nos­tarch – LaTeX class for No Starch Press

The pack­age pro­vides the “of­fi­cial” LaTeX style for No Starch Press. Pro­vided are a class, a pack­age for in­ter­fac­ing to hy­per­ref and an in­dex style file.

The style serves both for printed and for elec­tronic books.

Pack­age De­tailsnos­tarch
Home pagehttp://www.nos­tarch.com
Li­censeThe LaTeX Project Public Li­cense
Main­tainerBoris Veyts­man
Con­tained inTeX Live as nos­tarch
MiKTeX as nos­tarch
Topics al­ter­na­tive LaTeX class(es)
prepar­ing a book for pub­li­ca­tion
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