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This is a revision of Paul King's oz.sty macros for typesetting Object Z,
updated for LaTeX2e. Users should run ozguide.tex through \LaTeX\ (after
installation!) for details of usage.

Install by running \TeX\ on oz.ins and install oz.sty where \LaTeX\
can find it.


The Formal Methods Group in the Computer Science Department at the
University of Queensland recently released 'wizard', a type checker
for Object-Z specifications.  Included in the wizard release was an
updated version of the oz.sty file for LaTeX 2.09.

I have implemented all changes made in the oz.sty for LaTeX 2.09,
since it's last official release in late 1990, into the oz.dtx file
which you maintain for LaTeX 2e.  I have attached my updated version
of oz.dtx to this message so that you may check these modifications
and officially release the updated version.

The changes were made to the oz.dtx file with last changes logged
on 22 Feb 95 (this is the version currently available from CTAN).
All modifications and additions I have made are clearly indicated in
the updated file for your convenience.

Should you need to compare my changes with the updated oz.sty file for
LaTeX 2.09, you can download the wizard archive from the following url:


The new oz.sty file and oz.tex file are located in the wizard/tex
subdirectory when the archive is extracted.

Please contact me if you need to.


David Leadbetter                                    Email: davidl@cs.uq.edu.au
PhD Student                                         Phone: + 61 7 3365 1204
Department of Computer Science                      FAX:   + 61 7 3365 1999
The University Of Queensland 4072 AUSTRALIA


Name Size Date Notes
cat­a­log 192 1997-01-07 01:00
make­file 79 1996-08-06 02:00
man­i­fest 448 1997-01-07 01:00
oz.dtx 55251 1999-05-24 09:18
oz.ins 1272 1996-08-06 02:00
ozguide.pdf 279519 2005-06-02 09:51
ozguide.tex 41883 1996-08-06 02:00
oztest.tex 10865 1996-08-06 02:00
readme 1763 1997-01-07 01:00

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ob­jectz – Macros for type­set­ting Ob­ject Z

The pack­age will type­set both Z and Ob­ject-Z spec­i­fi­ca­tions; it de­vel­ops the orig­i­nal zed pack­age

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Se­bas­tian Rahtz
Con­tained inTeX Live as ob­jectz
MiKTeX as ob­jectz
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See also zed-csp
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