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This small LaTeX package defines the overpic environment which is
a combination between a picture environment and an includegraphics
command (defined in graphicx). The resulting picture environment has
the same dimension as the included eps graphic. Now it is easy possible
to put any LaTeX output above the graphic on defined positions. A grid
to aid is also possible.

This directory contains the following files:

README       - This file.
README.de    - The same in german.
overpic.sty  - The definition of overpic. Required graphicx.sty and epic.sty.
opic-abs.tex - Two demos that shows all the features. You need the eps graphic 
               file golfer.ps. This file is part of ghostscript�s  examples 
Please send comments and suggestions to niepraschk@ptb.de

Happy TeXing...

                                  Rolf Niepraschk, 11/97



Name Size Date Notes
README 970 1997-11-22 01:00
README.de 886 1997-11-22 01:00
opic-abs.pdf 66526 2010-06-15 10:52
opic-abs.tex 2260 1997-11-22 01:00
opic-rel.pdf 67013 2010-06-15 10:52
opic-rel.tex 2310 1997-11-26 01:00
over­pic-readme-de.pdf 273929 2010-05-16 22:29
over­pic-readme-de.tex 2579 2010-05-16 22:29
over­pic-readme.pdf 271005 2010-05-16 22:29
over­pic-readme.tex 2512 2010-05-16 22:29
over­pic.sty 3093 2010-09-13 11:33

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (636.2k).

over­pic – Com­bine LaTeX com­mands over in­cluded graph­ics

The over­pic en­vi­ron­ment is a cross be­tween the LaTeX pic­ture en­vi­ron­ment and the \in­clude­graph­ics com­mand of graph­icx. The re­sult­ing pic­ture en­vi­ron­ment has the same di­men­sions as the in­cluded graphic. LaTeX com­mands can be placed on the graphic at de­fined po­si­tions; a grid for ori­en­ta­tion is avail­able.

Pack­age De­tailsover­pic
Li­censeThe LaTeX Project Public Li­cense 1
Main­tainerRolf Niepraschk
Con­tained inTeX Live as over­pic
MiKTeX as over­pic
Topics text within graph­ics (drawn or over­laid)
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