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Direc­tory tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/paper

The files in the archive paper??.zip include the following
supported macros and files for LaTeX2e:

        paper.dtx      latex-style files paper and journal 
                       in doc option format
        paper.pdf      documentation in pdf format 
        install        driver for installing the package
        local.tex      input to the local latex-guide "`local.tex"'
        testp.tex      example input text for paper
        testj.tex      example input text for journal
        journal1.tex   example input text for journal
        journal2.tex   example input text for journal
        README         this file

Run `latex install' to generate the class files paper.cls and 
journal.cls (as well as paper.sty and journal.sty, for compatibility). 
This needs the `docstrip' utility. Then run `latex paper.drv' to generate 
the documentation.

Written by Wenzel Matiaske. See paper.dtx for licensing information.

Updates are available from CTAN. This package lives at:
and at similar locations on CTAN mirrors.


Name Size Date Notes
README 1089 2008-06-01 15:47
in­stall 1579 2008-05-30 19:37
jour­nal1.tex 1410 2008-05-30 19:37
jour­nal2.tex 945 2008-05-30 19:37
lo­cal.tex 2925 2008-05-30 19:37
pa­per.dtx 67065 2008-05-30 19:48
pa­per.pdf 163261 2008-05-30 19:37
testj.tex 389 2008-05-30 19:37
testp.tex 1339 2008-05-30 19:37

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (160.9k).

pa­per – Ver­sions of ar­ti­cle class, tuned for schol­arly pub­li­ca­tions

A pair of classes de­rived from ar­ti­cle, tuned for pro­duc­ing pa­pers for jour­nals. The classes in­tro­duce new lay­out op­tions and font com­mands for sec­tions/parts, and de­fine a new key­words en­vi­ron­ment, sub­ti­tle and in­sti­tu­tion com­mands for the ti­tle sec­tion and new com­mands for re­vi­sions.

Pack­age De­tailspa­per
Li­censeGNU Gen­eral Public Li­cense
Main­tainerWen­zel Ma­ti­aske
Con­tained inTeX Live as pa­per
MiKTeX as pa­per
Topics type­set­ting jour­nals, etc
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