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pgfopts - LaTeX package options with pgfkeys

Using key-value options for packages and macros is a good way of
handling large numbers of options with a clean interface. The
`pgfkeys` package provides a very well designed system for
defining and using keys, but does not make this available for
handling LaTeX class and package options. The `pgfopts` package
adds this ability to `pgfkeys`, in the same way that `kvoptions`
extends the `keyval` package.


The package is supplied in `.dtx` format and as a pre-extracted
zip file, `pgfopts.tds.zip`. The later is most convenient for
most users: simply unzip this in your local `texmf` directory.
If you want to unpack the `.dtx` yourself, running `tex
pgfopts.dtx` will extract the package whereas 'latex pgfopts.dtx
will extract it and also typeset the documentation.

Typesetting the documentation requires a number of packages in
addition to those needed to use the package. This is mainly 
because of the number of demonstration items included in the 
text. To compile the documentation without error, you will 
need the packages:
 - `csquotes`
 - `helvet`
 - `hypdoc`
 - `listings`
 - `lmodern`
 - `mathpazo`
 - `microtype`


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pg­fopts – LaTeX pack­age op­tions with pgfkeys

The pgfkeys pack­age (part of the pgf dis­tri­bu­tion) is a well-de­signed way of defin­ing and us­ing large num­bers of keys for key-value syn­taxes. How­ever, pgfkeys it­self does not of­fer means of han­dling LaTeX class and pack­age op­tions. This pack­age adds such op­tion han­dling to pgfkeys, in the same way that kvop­tions adds the same fa­cil­ity to the LaTeX stan­dard key­val pack­age.

Pack­age De­tailspg­fopts
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Main­tainerJoseph Wright
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