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$Id: README,v 2.1 1995/08/02 14:23:50 schrod Exp $  -*- Indented-Text -*-

Please note: This directory is part of the distribution primarily for your
information. It's not prepared to be usable by you, sorry.

In particular, probably you won't have tools and style files I take
for granted during development. Please don't complain, either use the
supplied installable files (as listed in ../MANIFEST) or search & get
the missing files. I will neither stop adding this directory to the
distribution, nor will I add all missing files.

On the one hand I won't restrict my own development environment by not
using available tools, on the other hand I'll want to make my source
available for those who have a similar environment to mine.

For your orientation:

	*.doc		-- master file for TeX macro files
	*.dvi		-- typeset version of *.doc
	*-user.tex	-- user manual
	*-conf.tex	-- internal interface description
	*.sty		-- needed to process the above documents

	TODO		-- (sometimes) personal notes for future revisions
	Imakefile	-- does not use MIT's Imake templates
	style/		-- files for AUC-TeX
	test/		-- test cases


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