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	      Typesetting Articles For Res Philosophica

This package provides a class for typesetting articles for the journal
Res Philosophica, http://www.resphilosophica.org.

This work was commissioned by the Saint Louis University.


  version 1.28   Commands enquote and ensquote work correctly in the 
                 case of embedded quotations

  version 1.27   New bibliography command for single quotes: \ensquote

  version 1.26   If commercial Sabon font is used, the article title may 
                 include slanted small caps (e.g. for quotations)

  version 1.25   Changed page width and margins

  version 1.24   Added authornote

  version 1.23   Made inner margins slightly smaller than outer margins
                 in the print mode

  version 1.22   Empty recto page is no longer added unless
                 the default mode is selected

  version 1.21   Internal changes for paper processing

  version 1.20   A footnote bug corrected

  version 1.19   More editorial commands
                 Bibliography style changes

  version 1.18:  Formatting changes
                 Bug fixes

  version 1.17:  Formatting changes
                 Added layering of editorial comments
                 New bibliography entry 'inloosecollection'

  version 1.16:  Formatting changes
                 New commands for typesetter change marks
                 Deleted mtshadow option
                 New environment for bibliography notes

  version 1.15:  New command: \suppresscomma

  version 1.14:  Bug fix

  version 1.13:  New command: \titlenote
                 New options: preprint and forthcoming

  version 1.12:  Bibliography changes

  version 1.11:  Automatic doi generation
                 Bibliography formatting changes

  version 1.10:  Bibliography formatting changes


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re­sphilo­soph­ica – Type­set ar­ti­cles for the jour­nal Res Philo­soph­ica

The bun­dle pro­vides a class for type­set­ting ar­ti­cles for the jour­nal Res Philo­soph­ica.

This work was com­mis­sioned by the Saint Louis Univer­sity.

Pack­age De­tailsre­sphilo­soph­ica
Ver­sion1.28 2015-11-14
Li­censeThe LaTeX Project Public Li­cense 1.3
Main­tainerBoris Veyts­man
Con­tained inTeX Live as re­sphilo­soph­ica
MiKTeX as re­sphilo­soph­ica
Topics al­ter­na­tive LaTeX class(es)
type­set­ting jour­nals, etc
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