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Package SciWordConv to use with LaTeX 2e.

These somewhat tricky macros allows you to combine the power of 
graphical front-end of Scientific Word/Scientific WorkPlace (SW/SWP) 
with your favourite TeX compiler (for example, MiKTeX). SW/SWP creates 
TeX source files with commands \Unicode{character code} (versions 3.0) or 
\U{character code} (versions 3.5 and up) instead of usual characters, and 
we have to redefine these commands, with no change of source file. 
This idea is generic, i.e. it can also be applied to other european 
languages. You may or may not use `babel' multilanguage support package.

Implementation for russian language includes Sw2Rus.sty and sample 
Shell template file "Berik - Generic Russian Standard LaTeX Article.shl".
Copy the first file to texmf\tex\latex\SciWordConv directory, and the 
second one - to Shells directory (I recommend to create directory SciWordConv
and put there) in your Scientific Word/Scientific WorkPlace tree.
Do not forget also copy file (SW/SWP root)\TCITeX\TeX\LaTeX\tci\tcilatex.tex
to somewhere of your localtexmf tree.


Berik I. Tuleuov, Karaganda, Kazakhstan. E-mail: berik_tuleuov@yahoo.com


Name Size Date Notes
Gener­icRus­sian.shl 1535 2003-02-21 01:07
README 1187 2003-02-17 03:11
Sw2Rus.sty 4645 2003-02-17 02:53

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (3.1k).

SciWordConv – Use Sci­en­tific Word/WorkPlace files with an­other TeX

Th­ese macros al­lows you to com­bine the power of the graph­i­cal front-end of Sci­en­tific Word/Sci­en­tific WorkPlace (SW/SWP) with one's own favourite TeX com­piler (for ex­am­ple, MiKTeX). Cur­rently in­cludes sup­port for Rus­sian lan­guage; other lan­guages can be han­dled eas­ily.

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