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%                                                                read.me
% LaTeX class for Distributed Computing
% read-me file
%                                                 (c) Springer-Verlag HD

This directory contains the LaTeX2e support for the
journal "Distributed Computing".

The following files are part of the macro package

  read.me       This file
  SVJour.cls    The document class file for Springer journals
  usrguide.*    User's Guide (dvi, pdf, ps [to be found in psoutput.zip])
  svdc.clo      The class option file for Distributed Computing
  dcguide.*     User's Guide (tex, dvi, ps [to be found in psoutput.zip])
  layout.*      Example of an article (tex, dvi, ps [also in psoutput.zip])
  figures.zip   EPS files needed by the sample file
  psoutput.zip  PS files of the above mentioned DVIs,
                compressed due to their size. The file layout.ps
                contains a ready to print version that can be produced
                at the publisher only when page numbers are fixed


Name Size Date Notes
dcguide.dvi 2264 2000-09-19 13:56
dcguide.tex 2998 2000-09-19 13:56
fig­ures.zip 26976 2000-09-19 13:56
lay­out.dvi 46120 2000-09-19 13:56
lay­out.tex 35914 2000-09-19 13:56
psout­put.zip 366218 2000-09-19 13:56
read.me 1098 2000-09-19 13:56
svdc.clo 5936 2000-09-19 13:56
svjour.cls 41636 2000-09-19 13:56
us­r­guide.dvi 28500 2000-09-19 13:56
us­r­guide.pdf 197756 2000-09-19 13:56
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