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%                                                             readme.txt
% LaTeX class for Structural Optimization
% read-me file
%                                                 (c) Springer-Verlag HD

This directory contains the LaTeX2e support for Structural Optimization

For a quick entry to the Structural Optimization-formatting and if you
are already familiar with the SVJour class you need only the three files:
svjour.cls, svstropt.clo, and template.tex - natbib.sty should be
available in TeXs search path.

The following files are part of the macro package

  readme.txt    This file
  svjour.cls    The document class file for Springer journals
  usrguide.*    User's Guide (dvi, pdf)
  svstropt.clo  The class option file for Structural Optimization
  natbib.dtx    The natbib package of Patrick W. Daly.
                Typeset this file for complete documentation of natbib.
  natbib.ins    Run the file natbib.ins with LaTeX to produce natbib.sty
  stroptgd.*    User's Guide (tex, dvi, ps [to be found in psoutput.zip])
  template.tex  A fill-in-form for a standard article with usage comments
  psoutput.zip  PS files of the above mentioned DVIs,
                compressed due to their size. The file example.ps
                contains a ready to print version that can be produced
                at the publisher only, when page numbers are fixed

  subdirectory: example   (contains all data of a sample article)

  example.*     Example of an article (tex, dvi, ps [in psoutput.zip],
                and pdf). example.pdf contains a ready to print version
                that can be produced at the publisher only, when page
                numbers are fixed. Like example.ps it also uses the
                final fonts namely PostScript Times.


Name Notes


Name Size Date Notes
nat­bib.dtx 146546 2000-09-19 13:57
nat­bib.ins 1596 2000-09-19 13:57
psout­put.zip 331709 2000-09-19 13:57
readme.txt 1849 2000-09-19 13:57
stroptgd.dvi 7696 2000-09-19 13:57
stroptgd.tex 7445 2000-09-19 13:57
svjour.cls 41636 2000-09-19 13:57
svstropt.clo 7907 2000-09-19 13:57
tem­plate.tex 3736 2000-09-19 13:57
us­r­guide.dvi 28500 2000-09-19 13:57
us­r­guide.pdf 197756 2000-09-19 13:57
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