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Direc­tory tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/springer/svjour/sw

% LaTeX class for Shock Waves
% read-me file
%                                                 (c) Springer-Verlag HD

This directory contains the LaTeX2e support for Shock Waves

For a quick entry to the Shock Waves-formatting and if you are
already familiar with the SVJour class you need only the three files:
svjour.cls, svsw.clo, and template.tex.

The following files are part of the macro package       This file
  svjour.cls    The document class file for Springer journals
  usrguide.*    User's Guide (dvi, pdf, ps [to be found in])
  svsw.clo      The class option file for Shock Waves
  swguide.*     User's Guide (tex, dvi, ps [to be found in])
  template.tex  A fill-in-form for a standard article with usage comments  PS files of the above mentioned DVIs,
                compressed due to their size. The file
                contains a ready to print version that can be produced
                at the publisher only, when page numbers are fixed

  subdirectory: example   (contains all data of a sample article)

  example.*     Example of an article (tex, dvi, ps [in])   PS files needed by the sample file


Name Notes


Name Size Date Notes 547154 2000-09-19 13:57 1366 2000-09-19 13:57
svjour.cls 41636 2000-09-19 13:57
svsw.clo 11612 2000-09-19 13:57
swguide.dvi 4080 2000-09-19 13:57
swguide.tex 4435 2000-09-19 13:57
template.tex 3380 2000-09-19 13:57
usrguide.dvi 28500 2000-09-19 13:57
usrguide.pdf 197756 2000-09-19 13:57
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