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Descriptions of files in the `enc-maps' directory of the T2 package.

This directory contains the following files:

1) mappings from TeX Cyrillic font encodings to Unicode. These files
are a plain ASCII text files consisting of lines containing fields
terminated by semicolons. Each line represents the data for one
encoded character. Lines beginning with the `#' character are
comments.  The first field is a hexadecimal number of the slot number
in the font encoding.  The second field is a hexadecimal number of the
Unicode glyph number for this slot.  The third field is a standard
Unicode v3 name for this glyph. Some glyphs used in the T2 package
are not yet registered in Unicode. In this case the second field is
empty, and the name used in the third field is thus non-standard.

T2Auni.map --- mapping for the T2A encoding
T2Buni.map --- mapping for the T2B encoding
T2Cuni.map --- mapping for the T2C encoding
X2uni.map --- mapping for the X2 encoding
OT2uni.map --- mapping for the OT2 encoding

2) mappings from glyph names used in fonts (Type1, TrueType) and T2
package to Unicode.  The format is similar to the one described in
n.1. There are three fields separated by semicolons. Lines beginning
with the `#' character are comments. The first field contains the
Unicode glyph number. The second field contains a glyph name.  The
third field contains a standard Unicode-2.1 name for this glyph.

glyphlist.txt --- Adobe Glyph List with Unicode Values available at
mtcyr.txt --- mapping for (some of) the Monotype Cyrillic Type1 fonts
urwcyr.txt --- mapping for (some of) the URW Cyrillic Type1 fonts
amscyr.txt --- mapping for AMS Cyrillic (wncy*) Type1 fonts
broken1.txt --- mapping for some broken naming used in some Type1
                Cyrillic fonts
broken2.txt --- mapping for some broken naming used in some Type1
                Cyrillic fonts
t2cyr.txt --- mapping for the Cyrillic glyph names used in the T2 package
t2lat.txt --- mapping for the Latin glyph names used in the T2 package

3) mappings from various Cyrillic charsets to Unicode.

cyrcset7.txt --- 7-bit Cyrillic charsets
cyrcset8.txt --- 8-bit Cyrillic charsets
cyrcsets.ind --- index file for the above two files

Look into the file cyrcsets.ind and find needed charset. Notice the
number assigned to this charset (say, N) and a file name (either
cyrcset8.txt or cyrcset7.txt).  Then the needed mapping from this
charset to Unicode could be found from the (N+1)th column of the
corresponding file. The first column contains the slot number in the
encoding.  All numbers are hexadecimal.

4) scripts for generation of *.enc files for dvips and pdftex.


5) miscellaneous.

encfiles --- a directory with some *.enc files generated by running
README --- this file.


Name Notes


Name Size Date Notes
.x2ex­tra 523 2001-08-14 15:19
Make­file 197 1998-09-05 02:00
OT2uni.map 4096 1998-08-07 00:00
README 2874 1999-11-29 01:00
T2Auni.map 8563 1998-10-30 00:00
T2Buni.map 8513 1998-10-30 00:00
T2Cuni.map 8613 1999-06-24 02:00
X2uni.map 9527 1999-06-24 02:00
am­scyr.txt 3259 1998-11-04 00:00
bro­ken1.txt 2663 1998-07-28 02:00
bro­ken2.txt 2640 1998-07-28 02:00
cyrc­set7.txt 3584 1998-08-05 02:00
cyrc­set8.txt 21248 1999-11-11 00:00
cyrc­sets.ind 747 1999-11-11 01:00
make-enc.pl 1286 1998-07-29 02:00
mkencs.sh 1206 1999-11-11 01:00
mt­cyr.txt 6836 1998-08-08 02:00
t2­cyr.txt 13863 1999-12-09 01:00
t2lat.txt 3528 1999-12-09 01:00
ur­w­cyr.txt 3746 1998-10-30 00:00
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