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TengwarScript package for LaTeX
version 1.3, 2006
Author: Ignacio Fern�ndez Galv�n (Jellby):


The TengwarScript package aim is to provide a mid-level access to
tengwar fonts while still generating good output by default. Each
tengwar sign has an individual command, wich should place the sign
nicely with relation to the preceding signs. So, to write the word
"quetta" in Quenya mode one would write:


For long texts, all this typing would be too cumbersome, so it is
advised to use an automatic transcriber. The recommended one is "ptt"
(Perl tengwar transcriber), which can be found in the above homepage.

Note: This package needs a tengwar font to work properly. Which fonts
are supported and how to install them can be found in the documentation.
ENC, VF, TFM and MAP files are included in the package.


(These steps work in tetex 3.0, [TEXMF] is preferably the local or
user texmf tree)

1. "latex tengwarscript.dtx" to get the documentation.

2. "latex tengwarscript.ins" to get the package files.

3. a) Move *.sty and *.cfg into [TEXMF]/tex/latex/tengwarscript/.
   b) Move *.tfm into [TEXMF]/fonts/tfm/tengwarscript/.
   c) Move *.enc into [TEXMF]/fonts/enc/tengwarscript/.
   d) Move *.vf into [TEXMF]/fonts/vf/tengwarscript/.
   e) Move into [TEXMF]/fonts/map/dvips/.

4. Download the tengwar fonts (see documentation). You may need to
rename some files to match the names in the .map file.

5. Move *.ttf into [TEXMF]/fonts/truetype/tengwarscript/ or *.pfb
   into [TEXMF]/fonts/type1/tengwarscript/.

6. Add "Map" to updmap.cfg.

7. "texhash" to refresh the database.

8. "updmap" or "updmap-sys" to update the configuration.


This package is distributed under the LaTeX Proyect Public License
(LPPL), see for the details or the
included file COPYING.


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COPYING 18502 2007-03-11 07:03:00
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quetta.pdf 10475 2007-03-11 07:03:00
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tengtest.pdf 156271 2007-03-11 07:03:00
tengwarscript.dtx 294809 2007-03-11 07:03:00
tengwarscript.ins 2540 2007-03-11 07:03:00
tengwarscript.pdf 155124 2007-03-11 07:03:00

Down­load the com­plete con­tents of this di­rec­tory in one zip archive (701.0k).

Teng­warScript – LaTeX sup­port for us­ing Teng­war fonts

The pack­age pro­vides “mid-level” ac­cess to teng­war fonts, pro­vid­ing good qual­ity out­put. Each teng­war sign is rep­re­sented by a com­mand, which will place the sign nicely in re­la­tion to pre­vi­ous signs.

A tran­scrip­tion pack­age is avail­able from the pack­age’s home page: writ­ing all those teng­war com­mands would quickly be­come un­ten­able.

The pack­age sup­ports the use of a wide va­ri­ety of teng­war fonts that are avail­able from the net; met­ric and map files are pro­vided for all the sup­ported fonts.

Li­censeThe LaTeX Project Public Li­cense
Copy­right2007 Ig­na­cio Fernán­dez Galván
Main­tainerIg­na­cio Fernán­dez Galván
Con­tained inTeXLive as teng­warscript
MiKTeX as teng­warscript
Topics font for an in­vented lan­guage or script
met­rics, macro in­can­ta­tions and other font sup­port
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