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== About tex-label

This package can be used to label pages of a document just like
labelling e-mail to classify them. This is useful when you are
preparing notes and you want to sort through pages quickly looking for

Currently, the labels are displayed at the bottom-right corner of

== Setup

Copy tex-label.sty to a place where latex can find it.

$ make doc # To build documentation
$ make demo # To build usage demo

== Dependencies
o fancyhdr
o color

This work (includes all source and derived files in this folder) is
distributed under LaTex Project Public License.


Name Size Date Notes
Makefile 173 2009-12-08 06:09:48
README 592 2009-12-08 06:21:20
tex-label-demo.pdf 11625 2009-12-08 06:13:57
tex-label-demo.tex 402 2009-12-07 02:18:14
tex-label-doc.pdf 30098 2009-12-08 06:13:58
tex-label-doc.tex 789 2009-12-08 06:13:55
tex-label.sty 915 2009-12-07 02:31:18

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tex-la­bel – Place a clas­si­fi­ca­tion on each page of a doc­u­ment

En­ables the user to place a ‘clas­si­fi­ca­tion’ la­bel on each page, at the bot­tom to the right of the page num­ber

Ver­sion 2009-12-08
Li­censeThe LaTeX Project Public Li­cense 1.3
Main­tainerBalagopal Ko­marath
Con­tained inTeXLive as tex-la­bel
MiKTeX as tex-la­bel
Topics doc­u­ment se­cu­rity mea­sures
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