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The thinsp package provides a stretchable \thinspace to replace
LaTeX's normal \thinspace.


thinsp.sty      The thinsp package 
thinsp.pdf      The documentation of the thinsp package
thinsp.tex      Source of the documentation
README          This file
COPYRIGHT       GNU General Public License v. 2


The license of all of the files in the thinsp bundle is GNU General
Public License (GPL). See COPYRIGHT for details.

The thinsp bundle is copyright (C) 2007 by Palle Jorgensen,


The files thinsp.sty and thinsp.pdf should be placed in the proper
directory. This depends on the distribution of your TeX system.

All other files may be deleted at will.


Name Size Date Notes
COPYIRIGHT 18004 2007-12-04 16:50
README 719 2007-12-04 16:59
thinsp.pdf 347691 2007-12-04 16:53
thinsp.sty 3114 2007-12-04 16:53
thinsp.tex 5386 2007-12-04 16:53

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (302.6k).

thinsp – A stretch­able \thinspace for LaTeX

The pack­age re­de­fines \thinspace to have a stretch com­po­nent.

Pack­age De­tailsthinsp
Li­censeGNU Gen­eral Public Li­cense
Main­tainerPalle Jør­gensen
Con­tained inTeX Live as thinsp
MiKTeX as thinsp
Topics sup­port for vari­a­tions of ty­po­graphic style
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