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# uafthesis

## What is this?

*uafthesis* is a LaTeX document class meant for using with a University of Alaska Fairbanks-style thesis. It would be used like so:


Its development web site is at <>.

## Basic Contents:

* `uafthesis.cls`: The class file itself.
* `bib_styles/`: A few common bibliography styles for BibTeX:
    * `/agufull08.bst` is the 2008 edition of the AGU bibliography style
    * `unsrtabbrv3.bst` is a style written by one of the authors of `uafthesis.cls`.
* `example.pdf`: Describes how to use `uafthesis.cls` while showing what it looks like.
* `example/`: Contains the source code for `example.pdf`.
* ``: This file.

## Branches:

* `master` is the main branch, and is based on the 2004 thesis class.
* `2006` is a side branch which contains Ryan Woodard's 2006 version of `uafthesis.cls` which also tackled the missing "page" headers problem. A cursory analysis based on `diff uafthesis2004.cls uafthesis2006.cls` indicates that my solution to the "page heading" problem is probably better/easier. However, I may be wrong, and I really appreciate Ryan's work, so it's included in its own branch.

## Help

If you don't know how to use LaTeX or need general support, I would recommend the following resources for learning and asking questions:

* <>
* <>
* <irc://>

For questions directly pertaining to `uafthesis.tex`, refer to `example/example.pdf` or contact the latest author via [github](, twitter ( or [email](

## Call to Arms

If you're a UAF student writing a thesis in LaTeX and have some improvements to
make, you should do so and share! `uafthesis.cls` could honestly use some TLC.

If you would like to use Github, here's the process for submitting changes:

2. Fork this project. There's a button on the upper-right corner of the main page.
3. *git clone* your new repository.
4. Make changes.
5. *git commit -m"Some changes I made for great justice."*
6. *git push origin master*
7. Hit me up with a pull request. This is also on the upper-right corner of the main page.

If you would rather not use git (if, for example, version control is scary and
confusing), feel free to contact me at and we can find 
another way of updating the class file.

## Authors:

* **Curt A. L. Szuberla**   13 November 1996
* **Matt Heavner**           5 February 1999
* **Dana Moudry**           18 December 2002
* **Ryan Woodard**           2 December 2004
* **Joshua Holbrook**              (present)

## Licensing

Nothing is included with the original bundle, but based on the sources of the original latex materials, it's safe to say (imo) that the project is covered by the [**LaTeX Project Public License**](


Name Notes


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Makefile 942 2012-12-11 14:57 2984 2012-12-08 14:19
uafthesis.cls 32170 2012-12-08 14:22

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uafthe­sis – Doc­u­ment class for the­ses at Univer­sity of Alaska Fair­banks

This is an “un­of­fi­cial” of­fi­cial class.

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