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This is ColorRGB.TeX (Release 3.3) a new macro set to handle color
in TeX documents:
	-color300dpi.ps:user guide in Postscript format.
	-color600dpi.ps:user guide in Postscript format high resolution.
	-color.tex:user guide source (written in french).
	-colorrgb.tex:set of color macros.
	-colorrap.sty, mancolor.sty:style TeX files.

have Fun........


Name Size Date Notes
README 352 1994-01-26 01:00
color.tex 71586 1994-01-26 01:00
col­or300dpi.ps.gz 78523 1994-01-26 01:00
col­or600dpi.ps.gz 126106 1994-01-26 01:00
col­or­rap.sty.gz 2662 1994-01-26 01:00
col­or­rgb.tex 66086 1994-01-26 01:00
man­color.sty.gz 2465 1994-01-26 01:00

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (238.8k).

col­or­tex – Colour fa­cil­i­ties for use with TeX

The bun­dle pro­vides the file col­or­rgb.tex which pro­vides some of the fa­cil­i­ties of the present color pack­age (which is dis­tributed as a re­quired pack­age with cur­rent LaTeX; for ac­cess to that pack­age from Plain TeX, see the ‘Plain graph­ics’ bun­dle).

The col­or­rgb pack­age uses dvips \spe­cial com­mands to set colours: it has no pro­vi­sion for sup­port of other DVI drivers.

Pack­age De­tailscol­or­tex
Li­censeNo Com­mer­cial Use
Main­tainerChristophe Cérin
Topics type­set­ting in colour
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