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Copyright (C) 1991 by Anselm Lingnau.
              All rights reserved.


You are not allowed to change this readme file.

You should get the following files:

  docstrip.cmd     Command file for docstrip.tex to produce exercise.sty.

  exercise.doc     `exercise' style for LaTeX. You have to run it
                   through the docstrip.tex program to produce the
                   corresponding style file. You can also use this file
		   directly by copying or linking it to exercise.sty,
		   but that will be less efficient.
  exercise.tex     Driver for exercise documentation. Run this through
                   LaTeX for the documented version.

  extest.tex       Small sample LaTeX input file that demonstrates
                   some of the features of the exercise style file.

  readme           This file.

To work with this package you also need the verbatim package (MZ4).
The docstrip.tex program is contained in the multicol package (MZ1).
You should be able to get all these files through the same channels
as this package.

To produce the style files please run docstrip.tex through LaTeX
and answer the question
 `Command file docstrip.cmd found. Use it (y/n)?'
with `y'. This will generate all sty files.  If you already have
older versions of the files, docstrip will ask whether or not you
want to overwrite those versions.

Distribution of unchanged versions:
  You are NOT ALLOWED to take money for the distribution or use of
  these files except for a nominal charge for copying etc.

  Redistribution of unchanged files is allowed provided that all files
  listed in the corresponding package README file are distributed
  including this readme file.

  If you receive only some of these files from someone, complain!
  However, if these files are distributed by established suppliers as
  part of a complete TeX distribution, and the structure of the
  distribution would make it difficult to distribute the whole set of
  files, *those parties* are allowed to distribute only some of the
  files provided that it is made clear that the user will get a
  complete distribution-set upon request to that supplier (not me).

  Notice that this permission is not granted to the end user.

Generation and distribution of changed versions:

  The generation of changed versions of the files included in the
  packages is allowed under the following restrictions:

  - You rename the file before you make any changes to it.  

  - You acknowledge the origin of the changed version in the file and
    keep the information that it (or a changed version) has to be
    distributed under the restrictions mentioned in this file.

  The distribution of changed versions of the files included in the
  packages is allowed under the following restrictions:

  - You provide the user with information how to obtain the original
    package or, even better, distribute it with your files.  

  - You make sure that the changed versions contain a notice that
    prevents others from taking money for distribution or use of your
    files, i.e. they have to be distributed under the restrictions
    mentioned in this file.

  - You inform me that you created a changed version of the files.
    This is only necessary if you want to distribute it to others.

Error Reports in case of UNCHANGED versions to

                          Anselm Lingnau
                          Buchenweg 1
                          D-6239 Eppstein 2
                          Federal Republic of Germany
               Internet:  <lingnau@math.uni-frankfurt.de>

exercise.doc: \def\fileversion{v1.0d}
exercise.doc: \def\filedate{92/07/02}


Name Size Date Notes
doc­strip.cmd 981 1991-12-05 01:00
ex­er­cise.doc 17796 1992-07-02 02:00
ex­er­cise.sty 3881 1991-12-07 00:00
ex­er­cise.tar.gz 9198 1992-07-01 02:00
ex­er­cise.tex 2329 1991-12-05 01:00
ex­test.tex 1039 1991-12-05 01:00
readme 3692 1992-07-02 02:00
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