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Author: Anthony Bloesch

Copyright (C) Anthony Bloesch 1993

Version: 1.0

The treetex software performs automatic layout  of n-ary  trees,  with
arbitrary sized nodes, in LaTeX.  To use the software you describe the
tree in a tree environment.  For example:

     \rootnode{root node}
     \treenode{nodeA}{root}{left root child}
     \treenode{nodeB}{root}{right root child}
     \treenode{nodeC}{nodeA}{nodeA child}

will be layed out something like:

                           root node
                      |                 |  
	       left root child   right root child
                 nodeA child

Also trees can be layed out sideways.  The software is fully described
in the  file `treetex.sty'.  To make the software edit the makefile to
set up the macros correctly and then type:


to test it, type:

  make test

Bug reports  and  questions  can  be  directed,  by email,  to  me  at
`anthonyb@cs.uq.oz.au.' and by ordinary post to:

  Anthony Bloesch
  University of Queensland
  St Lucia, 4072

And last but not least the dreaded disclaimer:

   This software is distributed in the hope that it will prove useful,
   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of

You may however do anything you want to the software provided you keep
the copyright notices and the above disclaimer, and make it clear that
the software has been altered.



Name Size Date Notes
Make­file 1236 1994-10-14 01:00
README 1654 1994-10-14 01:00
lay­out.c 9303 1994-10-14 01:00
lay­out.h 1779 1994-10-14 01:00
test1.tex 1161 1994-10-14 01:00
test2.tex 3648 1994-10-14 01:00
tree­tex.c 14517 1994-10-14 01:00
tree­tex.sty 3813 1994-10-14 01:00

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tree­tex-ltx209 – Draw hor­i­zon­tally- or ver­ti­cally-ori­ented trees

Al­lows the au­to­matic lay­out of n-ary trees with ar­bi­trary node sizes in LaTeX, us­ing an ex­ter­nal C pro­gram to do much of the hard work.

Pack­age De­tailstree­tex-ltx209
Ver­sion 1994-10-14
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Main­tainerAn­thony Bloesch
Topics mech­a­nisms for draw­ing trees
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