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# lua-check-hyphen

## Usage


## What it does

It lists all hyphenated words in the log file as well as in the file with the extension `.uhy`

## How to use

A typical workflow is:

* run final document
* put the correctly hyphenated words into a text file (format: each word separated with space or on a single line, only whitespace matters as a separator)
* add that file to the whitelist (as given above)
* optionally use the option `mark` to make the unknown hyphenated words visible in the PDF file

Copyright 2012–2014 Patrick Gundlach (patrick@gundla.ch)<br>
Package version: 0.3
Public repository: https://github.com/pgundlach/lua-check-hyphen<br>
Licensed under the MIT license. See the file 'mit-license.txt' for exact terms.<br>
Status: works fine, slightly unmaintained.<br>


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Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (118.8k).

lua-check-hy­phen – Mark hy­phen­ations in a doc­u­ment, for check­ing

The pack­age looks at all hy­phen­ation breaks in the doc­u­ment, com­par­ing them against a white-list pre­pared by the au­thor. If a hy­phen­ation break is found, for which there is no en­try in the white-list, the pack­age flags the line where the break starts.

The au­thor may then ei­ther add the hy­phen­ation to the white-list, or ad­just the doc­u­ment to avoid the break.

Pack­age De­tailslua-check-hy­phen
Home pagehttps://github.com/pgund­lach/lua-check-hy­phen
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Main­tainerPa­trick Gund­lach
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MiKTeX as lua-check-hy­phen
Topics LuaTeX and pack­ages that re­quire it
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