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Direc­tory tex-archive/macros/plain/contrib


Name Notes
TypeSpec Create font sam­plers
⇒ /macros/la­tex209/con­trib/ad­dress
badge Print badge la­bels
blanks Macros for "fill in the blanks" forms
bnf Plain TeX macros for BNF gram­mars
bridge Plain TeX macros for writ­ing about bridge
calendar Plain macros for mak­ing nice cal­en­dars
cascover Make cas­sette cov­ers
casslbl Type­set cas­sette la­bels
cellular Cel­lu­lar ta­ble con­struc­tion
chbar Change bar marks in Plain TeX
crw Cross­word macros for Plain TeX
⇒ /info/plain-doc
edmac Type­set crit­i­cal edi­tions
epsf-dvipdfmx Plain TeX file for us­ing epsf.tex with (x)dvipdfmx
expex For­mat lin­guis­tic ex­am­ples and glosses, with ref­er­ence ca­pa­bil­i­ties
figflow Flow text around a fig­ure
font-change Macros to change text and math­e­mat­ics fonts in plain TeX
font_selection Font se­lec­tion for plain TeX
fontch Chang­ing fonts, sizes and en­cod­ings in Plain TeX
getoptk De­fine macros with so­phis­ti­cated op­tions
happy4th A fire­work dis­play in ob­fus­cated TeX
harvmac Macros for sci­en­tific ar­ti­cles
histyle A "HighStyle" en­vi­ron­ment for TeX
hyplain Ba­sic sup­port for mul­ti­ple lan­guages in Plain TeX
js-misc In­line ver­ba­tim iden­ti­fiers
⇒ /macros/generic/lambda-lists
letter1 Let­ter for­mat­ting macros
lextex Type­set­ting le­gal doc­u­ments us­ing plain TeX
literate A lit­er­ate pro­gram­ming sys­tem, not tied to any lan­guage
make-env Print USPS stan­dard en­velopes
mathtime Plain TeX macros for us­ing MathTime and MathTime Plus
metatex In­cor­po­rate pic­tures in TeX source
misc Mis­cel­la­neous con­tributed macros for plain TeX
mnras Plain TeX macros for MNRAS
mtbe Macros for "Math­e­mat­i­cal TeX by Ex­am­ple"
newsletr Macros for mak­ing newslet­ters with Plain TeX
pdcmac Damian Cu­g­ley's doc­u­ment tools
pitex Doc­u­men­ta­tion macros
plipsum 'Lorem ip­sum' for Plain TeX de­vel­op­ers
plstmary St. Mary’s Road font sup­port for plain TeX
prepr Preprint macros
present Pre­sen­ta­tions with Plain TeX
resumemac Plain TeX macros for re­sumés
reverxii Play­ing Rev­ersi in TeX
ruled-tables Plain TeX ta­ble macros, with ruled ca­pa­bil­ity
samples Sam­ples of Plain TeX cod­ing
⇒ /macros/la­tex/con­trib/soul
stables Sim­pli­fied Plain TeX ta­bles
tbe Ex­tracts from "TeX by Ex­am­ple"
⇒ /macros/la­tex209/con­trib/teng­tex
treedef Macros to type­set trees in Plain TeX
treetex Draw trees
tugboat Plain TeX macros for TUGboat
varisize Change font size in Plain TeX
vertex Styles for eco­nomics work­ing pa­pers and jour­nals
xii Christ­mas silli­ness
⇒ /macros/la­tex/con­trib/youngtab
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