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Direc­tory tex-archive/macros/xetex/generic

Generic macros for XTeX


Name Notes
devanagari XTeX in­put map for Uni­code De­vana­gari
⇒ /macros/xe­tex/generic/de­vana­gari
itrans Itrans in­put maps for use with XLaTeX
tibetan XTeX in­put maps for Uni­code Ti­betan
⇒ /macros/xe­tex/generic/ti­betan
⇒ /macros/xe­tex/la­tex/xein­dex
xesearch A string finder for XTeX
xetexko Type­set Korean with X(La)TeX
xevlna Insert non-break­able spaces us­ing XTeX
zhspacing Spac­ing for mixed CJK-English doc­u­ments in XTeX
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