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Macros for XLaTeX


Name Notes
arabx­e­tex An ArabTeX-like in­ter­face for XLaTeX
baby­lo­ni­an­num Type­set Baby­lo­nian nu­mer­als with XTeX
bidi Bidi­rec­tional type­set­ting in plain TeX and LaTeX, us­ing XTeX en­gine
bidi-at­begshi Bidi-aware shipout macros
bidi­con­tour Bidi-aware coloured con­tour around text
bidihl Ex­per­i­men­tal bidi-aware text high­light­ing
bidi­page­grid Bidi-aware page grid in back­ground
bidipresen­ta­tion Ex­per­i­men­tal bidi pre­sen­ta­tion
bidishad­ow­text Bidi-aware shadow text
fac­ture Gen­er­ate an in­voice
fixlat­vian Im­prove Lat­vian lan­guage sup­port in XLaTeX
font­book Gen­er­ate a font book
⇒ /macros/la­tex/con­trib/fontspec
fontwrap Bind fonts to spe­cific uni­code blocks
⇒ /macros/generic/ifx­e­tex
im­sproc Type­set IMS con­fer­ence pro­ceed­ings
in­ter­char Manag­ing char­ac­ter class schemes in XTeX
langsci Type­set books for pub­li­ca­tion with Lan­guage Science Press
⇒ /macros/lu­a­tex/la­tex/lilyg­lyphs
math­spec Spec­ify ar­bi­trary fonts for math­e­mat­ics in XTeX
⇒ /macros/la­tex/con­trib/poly­glos­sia
ptext A ‘lip­sum’ for Per­sian
quran An easy way to type­set any part of The Holy Qu­ran
re­sume­cls Type­set a re­sume both in English and Chi­nese
uchar­classes Font ac­tions in XTeX ac­cord­ing to what is be­ing pro­cessed
unisugar De­fine syn­tac­tic sugar for Uni­code LaTeX
xecjk Sup­port for CJK doc­u­ments in XLaTeX
xe­color Sup­port for color in XLaTeX
xe­colour Sup­port for colour in XLaTeX
xe­cyr Us­ing Cyril­lic lan­guages in XTeX
xein­dex Au­to­matic in­dex gen­er­a­tion for XLaTeX
xeper­sian Per­sian for LaTeX, us­ing XTeX
xespot­color Spot colours sup­port for XLaTeX
xgreek XLaTeX pack­age for type­set­ting Greek lan­guage doc­u­ments (beta re­lease)
⇒ /macros/la­tex/con­trib/xltx­tra
xu­ni­code Gen­er­ate Uni­code char­ac­ters from ac­cented glyphs
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