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DirectTeX Pro

Version:           2.1.2, released March 16, 1997

Author:            Wilfried Ricken
                   Im Kempken 27
                   44799 Bochum

FTP Server:        hadron.tp2.ruhr-uni-bochum.de, pub/directtex
                   ftp.uni-stuttgart.de, tex-archive/systems/mac/directtex
                   all other CTAN servers

Platform:          Apple Macintosh (68K and PowerPC)
                   System 7.x (7.5.3.recommended)
                   8MB RAM (16MB recommended)

Supported Editors: Alpha (recommended)
                   Internal (small documents only)

Short info:

The DirectTeX Pro package contains a shell, an integrated text editor, an
integrated tool to view and print DVI files, TeX 3.14159, METAFONT 2.718,
BibTeX, MakeIndex, dvips, all TeX and METAFONT related tools like DVIType,
GFToPK,... No other software is needed for typesetting and printing TeX

DirectTeX Pro is ShareWare. The ShareWare fee for up to three installations
is US-$100 (150.-- DM). For more information see the manual for DirectTeX
(dtmanual.ps, dtmanual.pdf, DVI file supplied with DirectTeX Pro).


Name Size Date Notes
README 1284 1997-05-05 02:00
di­rect­tex-2.1.2.sea.2.hqx 1370847 1997-03-20 01:00
di­rect­tex-2.1.2.sea.3.hqx 1368827 1997-03-20 01:00
di­rect­tex-2.1.2.sea.4.hqx 1371256 1997-03-20 01:00
di­rect­tex-2.1.2.sea.5.hqx 1362655 1997-03-20 01:00
di­rect­tex-2.1.2.sea.6.hqx 1365965 1997-03-20 01:00
di­rect­tex-2.1.2.sea.7.hqx 1369453 1997-03-20 01:00
di­rect­tex-2.1.2.sea.8.hqx 1369368 1997-03-20 01:00
di­rect­tex-2.1.2.sea.9.hqx 1364069 1997-03-20 01:00
di­rect­tex-2.1.2.sea.hqx 1362904 1997-03-20 01:00
dt­info.txt 1284 1997-03-20 01:00
dt­man­ual.pdf 559462 1997-03-20 01:00
dt­man­ual.ps 619277 1997-03-20 01:00
reg­is­tra­tion.tex 8655 1997-03-20 01:00

di­rect­tex – TeX for the Mac­in­tosh

DirectTeX Pro con­tains a shell, an in­te­grated text ed­i­tor, an in­te­grated tool to view and print DVI files, TeX 3.14159, 2.718, BibTeX, MakeIn­dex, dvips, all TeX and re­lated tools like DVIType, GFToPK,... No other soft­ware is needed for type­set­ting and print­ing TeX doc­u­ments.

Pack­age De­tailsdi­rect­tex
Li­censeShare­ware: A fee is re­quired
Main­tainerWil­fried Ricken
Topics com­po­nents (or sup­port) of TeX dis­tri­bu­tion
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