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Direc­tory tex-archive/obsolete/systems/msdos/pdftex

 TeX binary pack for the Dos Protected Mode Interface

 The binaries in this archive have been built from the sources of
 the TeX Live distribution which are available for download at

 I have used the djgpp cross-compiler on a i686 Linux platform for
 this task. Information on how to download and build this compiler
 can be found at the developer's home page at

 These binaries make use of a DPMI driver for 32 bit memory access,
 so a i386 or higher processor is required. Also, CWSDPMI.EXE must
 either be present in the same directory as the TeX binaries or
 loaded permanently by saying "LH CWSDPMI -P" in AUTOEXEC.BAT, if
 your Dos 6.x / Windows 3.x installation does not provide that 

 Bremen, 2002/11/22

 Gerolf Diethelm Brettschneider


Name Notes


Name Size Date Notes
README 977 2002-12-05 18:17
pdfetex.exe 3298880 2002-11-22 03:19
pdfetex.pool 34806 2002-11-22 04:27
pdftex.exe 3230083 2002-11-22 03:19
pdftex.pool 32983 2002-11-22 04:27
ttf2afm.exe 344224 2002-11-22 03:19
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