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Name Notes
4project Anal­yse and dis­play the struc­ture of a TeX doc­u­ment
4spell Win­dows32 spell checker for TeX, RTF, HTML, and BibTeX
LEd An en­vi­ron­ment for LaTeX doc­u­ment de­vel­op­ment
SQLTeX An SQL Pre­pro­ces­sor for LaTeX
TVS TeX Ver­sion­ing Sys­tem
⇒ /ob­so­lete/sup­port/TeX4ht
TeXmacs Struc­tured text ed­i­tor for TeX
TeXshell X-Win­dow Shell for TeX
WordML2LaTeX XSLT to trans­form a WordML file to a LaTeX2ε source
abc2mtex No­tate tunes stored in ABC no­ta­tion
accents Create a VF for the ac­cents used in Czech/Slo­vak
acroreloadpdf Reload-the-cur­rent-PDF util­ity for Adobe Reader on Unix sys­tems
acroweb Scripts to cre­ate in­ter­ac­tive tests from a database
adhocfilelist ‘\list­files’ en­tries from the com­mand line
adobemapping Adobe cmap and pdfmap­ping files
amspell ASCII and LaTeX spell checker
ant-worker-tasks Apache ANT Tasks for TeX and PDF
arara Au­toma­tion of LaTeX com­pi­la­tion
artex Make file­con­tents en­vi­ron­ments of non-stan­dard files or pack­ages
arxivbib Get bib­li­og­ra­phy en­tries from
aspell Spell checker
auctex Emacs sup­port files for TeX
aurora Header files for dvips to make colour sep­a­ra­tions
autoconf Au­to­conf macros to test for the pres­ence of LaTeX
autolatex Au­to­mate com­pi­la­tion of large scale LaTeX projects
autoview Main­tain a ghostscript view of emacs buffer
bbfig Cal­cu­late and print bound­ing box
bibdb BibTeX bib­li­og­ra­phy man­ager for MS-Win­dows and MS-DOS
bibex Au­to­matic ex­trac­tion of ref­er­ences from BibTeX databases
biblio Sys­tem for main­tain­ing and pre­sent­ing bib­li­ogra­phies
bibtex-gen A sim­ple in­ter­ac­tive script to gen­er­ate BibTeX Files
bm2ltx Con­vert a bitmap im­age to LaTeX code
⇒ /sup­port/dk­tools
brief_t LaTeX sup­port for the brief ed­i­tor
bundledoc Bun­dle to­gether all the files needed to build a LaTeX doc­u­ment
c2latex Sim­ple con­ver­sion of C pro­grams to LaTeX
catdoc Text ex­trac­tor for word files
check A syn­tax checker and ti­dier
check-parens Check paren­the­ses in LaTeX
checkcites Check ci­ta­tion com­mands in a doc­u­ment
chklref Check for prob­lems with la­bels in LaTeX
chktex Check for er­rors in LaTeX doc­u­ments
classpack XML mas­ter­ing for LaTeX classes and pack­ages
cms4talks Con­tent Man­age­ment Sys­tem for Talks
consdiag A util­ity for OO pro­gram­ming doc­u­men­ta­tion
convbkmk Cor­rect pla­tex/up­la­tex book­marks in PDF cre­ated with hy­per­ref
convert Gen­er­ate Knuthian en­cod­ing for text files
copac-clean Au­to­matic edit­ing of Copac/BibTeX records
create-struktex Create struk­tex code
crossrefware Scripts for work­ing with cross­
csv2latex Con­vert spread­sheet ta­ble cells into LaTeX source
csvtolatex Link spread sheets to LaTeX
ctanify Pre­pare a pack­age for up­load to CTAN
ctantools A jiffy to search CTAN file list
ctanupload Sup­port for users up­load­ing to CTAN
datatooltk A Java GUI for prepar­ing data­tool in­put
de-macro Ex­pand pri­vate macros in a doc­u­ment
delig Dis­able mis­placed lig­a­tures in LaTeX doc­u­ments
detex Strip TeX from a source file
dinbrief-gui GUI for LaTeX pack­age din­brief
dktools Tools and li­braries by Dirk Krause
dosepsbin Deal with DOS bi­nary EPS files
dtxgen Creates a tem­plate for a self-ex­tract­ing .dtx file
easylatex Faster and sim­pler writ­ing of LaTeX doc­u­ments
eps2pdf A Win32 GUI EPS to PDF con­ver­tor
epspdf Con­verter for PostScript, EPS and PDF
epspdf-setup Plat­form-spe­cific se­tups for ep­spdf
epstopdf Con­vert EPS to 'en­cap­su­lated' PDF us­ing GhostScript
equationauthor Visual equa­tion ed­i­tor
escapeTeXt Make plain text safe for use in LaTeX
et TeX-com­pat­i­ble ed­i­tor
eukleides A ge­om­e­try draw­ing sys­tem
excel2latex Con­vert Ex­cel spread­sheets to LaTeX ta­bles
fancyhdrBoxed Elab­o­rate page head­ers, spec­i­fied in a non-LaTeX lan­guage
fastpictex Sim­ple spec­i­fi­ca­tion of PiCTeX di­a­grams
filehdr Self-de­scrip­tions in file head­ers
findhyph Find hy­phen­ated words in a doc­u­ment
firefox_ctan_plugins Fire­fox search pro­for­mas for CTAN
flatten Flat­ten \in­put, etc., in a LaTeX file
flow Draw flow di­a­grams in pic­ture mode
fragmaster Us­ing ps­frag with PDFLaTeX
frankenbundle Develop and dis­tribute LaTeX pack­ages and classes and BibTeX styles
gbrief-creator A front end for the gbrief pack­age
gellmu LaTeX-like markup for writ­ing XML doc­u­ments
genfam Run to pro­duce the bitmap fonts
gentabtex Python helper for cre­at­ing ta­bles
glosstex Pre­pare glos­saries in LaTeX
go A make vari­ant for LaTeX doc­u­ments
gplot CGM-based graph­ics sup­port
graphbase A plat­form for com­bi­na­to­rial al­go­rithms
graphconv Con­vert graph files to PSTricks
grapher Create graphs, state ma­chine and data flow di­a­grams
gtex-letter A Gnome as­sis­tant to ease the writ­ing of LaTeX let­ters
gv An X front end for ghostscript
highlight Con­verts source code to syn­tax high­lighted TeX or LaTeX
hoffset-voffset Cal­cu­late val­ues for \hoff­set and \voff­set
hp2pl Create TeX PL files from HP Au­toFont Sup­port
hp2xx HP GL con­verter
html2latex Con­vert HTML to LaTeX
hyperlatex A re­stricted LaTeX sys­tem that also pro­duces HTML
icons TeX icons
imaketex An Imake sys­tem for TeX
impose PostScript im­po­si­tion and sup­port util­i­ties
installfont A bash script for in­stalling a LaTeX font fam­ily
intex Sup­port type­set­ting and in­dex­ing words and phrases
iso-tex Dis­play (La)TeX ac­cented let­ters in GNU Emacs
ispell Multi-plat­form spell checker
ite In­ter­ac­tive TeX ed­i­tor
jmakepdfx A Java in­ter­face to GhostScript to con­vert PDF to PDF/X
jpeg2ps Con­vert JPEG files to PostScript Level 2 or 3 EPS
jspell An ASCII file spelling checker
konwerter A pro­gram for au­to­matic num­ber­ing of com­pounds in chem­i­cal pub­li­ca­tions
l2a LaTeX to ASCII
l2x LaTeX to ASCII
lacheck LaTeX checker
lametex A PostScript trans­la­tor for a sub­set of LaTeX
latable A near-WYSIWYG ed­i­tor for LaTeX ta­bles
latex-git-log Type­set git log in­for­ma­tion
latex-make Easy com­pil­ing of com­plex (and sim­ple) LaTeX doc­u­ments
latex2html Con­vert LaTeX into HTML doc­u­ments
latex2man Trans­late LaTeX-based man­ual pages into Unix man for­mat
latex2rtf Con­vert LaTeX into Rich Text For­mat
latex_maker A TeX and LaTeX maker
latexdiff Deter­mine and mark up sig­nif­i­cant dif­fer­ences be­tween la­tex files
latexdraw CAD ori­ented draw­ing pro­gram
latexfileversion Prints the ver­sion and date of a LaTeX class or style file
latexindent In­dent a LaTeX doc­u­ment, high­light­ing the pro­gram­ming struc­ture
latexmake LaTeX Make­file
latexmk Fully au­to­mated LaTeX doc­u­ment gen­er­a­tion
latexpand Ex­pand \in­put and \in­clude in a LaTeX doc­u­ment
latexrender Use LaTeX in PHP pro­grams
lgrind Pro­duce beau­ti­ful list­ings of source code with LaTeX
ligatex Re­move un­nec­es­sary lig­a­tures
lintex Tidy up af­ter a TeX run
lout An al­ter­na­tive type­set­ting sys­tem
ltoh A con­verter from LaTeX to HTML
ltx2rtf A con­ver­sion pro­gram from LaTeX to Rich Text For­mat
ltx2x Re­place LaTeX com­mands in a doc­u­ment by user-de­fined strings
ltxdiff A Win32 pro­gram that com­pares to­kens in two .tex files
ltxfileinfo Print ver­sion in­for­ma­tion for a LaTeX file
ltximg Split LaTeX files to sani­tise a con­ver­sion pro­cess
ltxinput Find files in­put by a doc­u­ment
lxmail A let­ter-gen­er­a­tor that pro­duces LaTeX out­put
m-tx A pre­pro­ces­sor for pmx
make_latex LaTeX Make­file
makedtx Perl script to help gen­er­ate dtx and ins files
makeglossariesgui Java GUI al­ter­na­tive to makeglos­saries script
makeprog A lit­er­ate sys­tem for TeX pro­gram­ming
maketable Con­vert Word or Ex­cel ta­bles to TeX tab­u­lar struc­tures
match_parens Find mis­matches of paren­the­ses, braces, (an­gle) brack­ets, in texts.
mathtex A CGI pro­gram to use LaTeX to put math­e­mat­ics on the web
mathtype Eval­u­a­tion ver­sion of a com­mer­cial equa­tion ed­i­tor
mctex Con­vert VAXIMA out­put to (La)TeX code
meper ed­i­tor and pre­viewer
mewltx Mi­croE­macs for Win­dows LaTeX in­ter­face
mf2pt1 Pro­duce PostScript Type 1 fonts from source
mid2tex Con­vert MIDI to Mu­sicTeX in­put
midi2tex Con­vert MIDI to Mu­sicTeX in­put
miktex_update A cyg­win bash script for au­to­matic up­dat­ing and in­stalling new pack­ages of MiKTeX
mimetex Parse LaTeX math ex­pres­sions and emit gif or xbitmaps
mkjobtexmf Gen­er­ate a texmf tree for a par­tic­u­lar job
mkpic Perl in­ter­face to mf­pic
⇒ /macros/musix­tex
nemocal Cal­en­dar maker
newcommand Gen­er­ate new LaTeX com­mand def­i­ni­tions
nlatexdb Database re­ports us­ing LaTeX and .Net (or Mono)
ochem Type­set chem­i­cal for­mu­lae with LaTeX
orderrefs Sort bib­li­og­ra­phy in LaTeX doc­u­ment by or­der of ci­ta­tion
pdfbook Rear­range pages of a PDF file for book­let print­ing
pdfjam Shell scripts in­ter­fac­ing to pdf­pages
pdfrack Use ps­frag with PDFLaTeX
pkfix-helper Make PostScript files ac­ces­si­ble to pk­fix
pmtex Pre­pro­ces­sor for Mu­sicTeX
pmx Pre­pro­ces­sor for MusiXTeX
pmxchords Pro­duce chord in­for­ma­tion to go with pmx out­put
png2pdf PNG to PDF con­verter
poster Scale PostScript im­ages for larger me­dia or tiling
ppower4 A post­pro­ces­sor for PDF pre­sen­ta­tions
⇒ /sup­port/auc­tex
proof Shell based proof­ing for TeX-re­lated files
ps2eps Pro­duce En­cap­su­lated PostScript from PostScript
ps_view A PostScript pre­viewer of PostScript files
psfixbb Cor­rect the bound­ing box of a PostScript file
psrip Ex­tract im­ages from PostScript files
pssplit Select pages from PostScript files
pstoedit Trans­late PostScript and PDF to other for­mats
⇒ /ob­so­lete/sup­port/psu­tils
purifyeps Make EPS work with both LaTeX/dvips and pdfLaTeX
pydocstrip Scripted ver­sion of LaTeX doc­strip
qfig DOS graph­ics pro­gram
rail Syn­tax spec­i­fi­ca­tion in EBNF
rake4latex A rake-based tool to com­pile LaTeX projects
ratexdb Database re­ports us­ing LaTeX and Ruby
references Bi­b­li­o­graphic soft­ware sup­port­ing LaTeX/BibTeX
refreshpdf Re­fresh PDF files "re­motely"
rfil Ruby font in­staller li­brary
rmligs Re­move in­cor­rect lig­a­tures in Ger­man doc­u­ments
rnototex Con­vert from Runoff to LaTeX
rtf2latex2e Con­vert Rich Text For­mat (RTF) files to LaTeX2ε
rtf2tex Con­vert RTF to TeX
runtex Win­dows pro­gram to run TeX vari­ant and var­i­ous utils as needed
s2latex A scribe to LaTeX con­verter
schemetex Type­set­ting Scheme pro­grams with LaTeX
shlatex LaTeX com­pi­la­tion script for Linux (writ­ten in Bash)
shortcuttool En­ables short­cut file im­port to the in­put tool Short­cut
slatex A pretty-printer for Scheme code in TeX doc­u­ments
smiletex Create LaTeX doc­u­ments and more from sim­ple texts
snote Shaped notes for Mu­sicTeX
splint Write LALR(1) parsers in TeX us­ing bi­son and flex
sty2dtx Create a .dtx file from a .sty file
style_showcase Make a web page to com­pare styles
synctex-parser SyncTeX out­put file parser
syngen A tool for gen­er­at­ing syn­tax di­a­grams from BNF
tab4tex Pre­pro­ces­sor for LaTeX tab­u­lar en­vi­ron­ments
tcltexed LaTeX ed­i­tor writ­ten in TCL
tex2rtf TeX trans­la­tor, out­put for­mats in­clude RTF
tex2tok Con­vert a TeX source file into to­kens
tex_converter Win­dows front-end to var­i­ous LaTeX to HTML con­vert­ers
tex_it Con­troller for TeX pro­cess­ing
texcount Count words in a LaTeX doc­u­ment
texdef Dis­play the def­i­ni­tions of TeX com­mands
texdepend Find de­pen­den­cies in a LaTeX file
texdiff Com­pare doc­u­ments and pro­duce tagged merge
texdirflatten Col­lect files re­lated to a LaTeX job in a sin­gle di­rec­tory
texfilt A (La)TeX log fil­ter
texfot Fil­ter clut­ter from the out­put of a TeX run
texi2html Con­verts TeXinfo to HTML
texi2roff Trans­late tex­info to troff
texlipse LaTeX plu­gin for Eclipse
texlist Type­set pro­gram list­ings
texliveonfly On-the-fly down­load of miss­ing TeX live pack­ages
texlog_extract Ex­tract er­rors and warn­ings from TeX logs
texloganalyser Anal­yse TeX logs
texpack Create doc­u­mented LaTeX classes, pack­ages and docs in a Unix en­vi­ron­ment
texperf A WordPer­fect to LaTeX trans­la­tor
texref Find cross-ref­er­ences in a LaTeX file
texshop TeX front end for use on MacOS X
texspell A LaTeX spelling checker
textoolspro Tools for doc­u­men­ta­tion writ­ten in LaTeX
tgrind Pro­duce be­at­i­ful pro­gram list­ings us­ing plain TeX
thumbpdf Thumb­nails for pdfTeX and dvips/ps2pdf
tiny_c2l Pretty print C/C++/Java source code us­ing LaTeX
tlg2latex Pre­pare LaTeX from the Th­e­saurus Lin­guae Grae­cae
tr2latex Trans­late troff source to LaTeX
try Au­toma­tion of TeX/LaTeX com­pi­la­tion
txt Out­put doc­u­ments via ter­mi­nals, line print­ers, etc
txt2tex Add LaTeX markup to plain text
typeoutfileinfo Dis­play class/pack­age/file in­for­ma­tion
ultratex An emacs TeX mode with "light­ning com­ple­tion'
utf2any Con­vert­ing Uni­coded text to LaTeX, HTML, etc
vc The vc (ver­sion con­trol) bun­dle
view_print_ps_pdf View and (se­lec­tively) Print PDF and PostScript
vmspell A spell-checker for VMS sys­tems
vvcode Reli­able en­coder for bi­nary files via email
wheretotrim As­sist in re­duc­ing LaTeX doc­u­ment page counts
win32-emacs-auctex Ready-to-use Emacs and AucTeX for Win­dows
wmf2eps Win­dows metafile con­ver­sion
word2latex A trans­la­tor from MS Word to LaTeX doc­u­ments
word2x Word 6 for­mat con­verter
wp2latex Con­vert WordPer­fect doc­u­ments to LaTeX
wsuipa2tipa Trans­late wsuipa font com­mands into tipa font com­mands
xetal Strip TeX con­structs from a file
⇒ /in­dex­ing/xindy
xl2latex Con­vert Ex­cel (97 and above) ta­bles to LaTeX tab­u­lars
xlatex A TeX/LaTeX shell for X-win­dows
xpdf View­ing and ma­nip­u­lat­ing PDF files
xpdfopen Com­mands to con­trol PDF read­ers, un­der X11
xtem_texmenu An X11 TeX menu built on Tcl/Tk
xtexshell A shell/ed­i­tor
xtrcode Ex­tract con­tents of LaTeX en­vi­ron­ments
xwpick Pick an im­age from an X dis­play


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