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There's not much to tell about TeX-Math.INF, which is intended to help people typesetting
mathematical formulae. More general advice is available in the first chapter
"Introduction." To view the file, enter "view tex-math" on any OS/2 shell.

Or create a book in your "Information" folder on your desktop using the following
a) Drag a "program" template from the "Templates" folder into the "Information" folder.
b) Enter "view.exe" in the "Path and file name:" box and
   the full path and file name of the TeX-Math.INF file in the "Parameter:" box.
c) Select the "General" tab and enter any title you like, e.g. "Math with LaTeX"
d) Close the "Settings" notebook.
e) Start with reading the "Introduction" chapter.


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tex-math – Maths mode doc­u­men­ta­tion for OS/2 users

A sum­mary of TeX-com­mands used to cre­ate math­e­mat­i­cal for­mu­lae (and cer­tain other spe­cial char­ac­ters). It can be viewed on any ma­chine that runs OS/2.

Pack­age De­tailstex-math
Ver­sion 1996-07-01
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Main­tainerMarco Hahn
Topics ‘stand-alone’ doc­u­men­ta­tion
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