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Eqm­lite/Free – TeX sys­tem and PDF sup­port for Linux and OS/2

EqM Lite is a free (un­sup­ported) ver­sion of Mi­croPress' EqM Pro prod­uct. It uses OLE in­ter­ac­tion to pro­vide TeX-qual­ity equa­tion type­set­ting to Mi­croSoft (and sim­i­lar) prod­ucts un­der Win­dows.

Pack­age De­tailsEqm­lite/Free
Home pagehttp://www.mi­cro­press-inc.com/eqm­lite.htm
Li­censeLi­cense that pre­vents dis­tri­bu­tion
Topics sup­port for LaTeX(-alike) on the web, or feed­ing into other ap­pli­ca­tions
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