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Tex for Windows  Version 3.2 
(for Win95 or Win3.1)
is a freeware editor for LaTeX with the following features:

* automatic handling of include files:
  The main document is parsed and include files are loaded into
  new windows. With the arrows (top right) you can switch between 
  these windows

* Powerful math-editor

* easy integration of figures

* LaTeX environments via mouse click

* Easy handling of the bibliography. 
  You can chose between the normal thebibliography 
  environment or a BIBTEX bibliography.  
  Entry into BIBTEX libraries via dialog window.
  Citation via mouse click.

* Launch Latex, DVIWIN, DVIPS, GHOSTVIEW,...

* ...

Simply launch setup.
Then, put the tree style files into your texinput directory.
(important for having pictures in your documents)

Since LaTeX is a free program this editor should also be free !
I am however happy about an email, just to see how many people
are using this software.

Get new Versions from my Webpage !

email: heller@wsi.tu-muenchen.de

Have fun !

Wolfgang Heller


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