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This is the README file for the collection of files related to d2tex.
These files are:

- algoritmos.sty: 
defines the 'code' environment and several other
related environments (code*, algorithm, ...); the implementation is
not documented and can be difficult to understand, but I have
documented the main features of the environments.
- d2tex:
an noweb filter (written in awk) that prettyprints; for instance, 
 /* this is a comment */ is replaced by \COMMENT{this is a comment}
 <=                      is replaced by \le
 PROCEDURE initialize    is replaced by \PROCEDURE |initialize|

this script does not parse the input; it only uses pattern-matching,
but produces reasonable output if some thumb rules are followed.
d2tex has a list of keywords built in.

- keywords.tex:

contains TeX macro definitions for producing keywords in boldface, 
special simbols (as the boxes between guarded commands), etc.; most of
the macros include indentation macros \tab and \untab; \tab is sets a
tab and moves the margin tab to the right, while \untab removes a tab
stop and moves to the left the margin tab. Since the 'code'
environment is based upon the tabbing environment, it is useful for
the keyword macros (such as \WHILE) to include these tab/untab
macros. \tab and \untab can be used inside the 'code' environment when
needed, for instance, to override the default indentation or to
correct minor mistakes.

- hospital.nw:
a weird example of the type of code that d2tex is 'able' to
prettyprint; the documentation is not written in english (several
paragraphs and comments in the code are written in catalan) and the
code is not complete.


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