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Lee Wittenberg has kindly provided his port of noweb to DOS, which
includes executable binaries.  It once appeared in the DOS
subdirectory of the standard noweb distribution, but it got superseded
by somebody else's port later on.

nocond is a slick noweb filter that supports conditional code in a
nicer way than ugly old #ifdef's.

nobrace looks for unbalanced braces in code chunks.


Name Size Date Notes
Makefile 107 2006-02-16 01:00
README 386 2006-02-16 01:00
email 20 2006-02-16 01:00
nobrace.nw 9385 2006-02-16 01:00
nocond.nw 11964 2006-02-16 01:00
strhack.nw 954 2006-02-16 01:00
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