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This is a Spider description and set of change files for a PostScript WEB
done by Dave Love, love@daresbury.ac.uk.  Originally done as practice --
is it useful?

You need to alter the master/WebMakefile to incorporate change files and
not to zap them if you do `make clean'.  My version is included here.

outline.ps1 is a copy of the result of tangling outline.web, to be
included in the example.  The name was changed since dvitops will make
me an outline.ps from the TeX.


Name Size Date Notes
README 475 1993-04-04 02:00
We­bMake­file.new 4856 1993-04-04 02:00
lo­cal.guide 3170 1993-04-04 02:00
make 224 1993-04-04 02:00
out­line.ps1 2441 1993-04-04 02:00
out­line.web 5265 1993-04-04 02:00
ps.spi­der 2321 1993-04-04 02:00
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