Comprehensive TeX Archive Network

Topic comp-sci

type­set com­puter-sci­ence re­lated ma­te­rial

Class for type­set­ting pub­li­ca­tions of ACM
Draw bit field data struc­ture di­a­grams (ob­so­lete)
Type­set bit pat­tern di­a­grams
Create il­lus­tra­tions for net­work pro­to­col spec­i­fi­ca­tions
Colon equals sym­bols
Draw ex­e­cu­tion stacks
Type­set pro­grammable el­e­ments in dig­i­tal hard­ware (reg­is­ters)
Help for writ­ing pro­gram­ming lan­guage se­man­tics
Macros for mean­ing­ful se­man­tic markup in the spirit of the Text En­cod­ing Ini­tia­tive, es­pe­cially for hu­man­i­ties and mu­sic schola
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