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Sebastian Rahtz

The con­trib­u­tor Se­bas­tian Rahtz is de­ceased.
Ex­ten­sive sup­port for hy­per­text in LaTeX
Print sheets of sticky la­bels
Ex­tra styles and en­cod­ings for PostScript fonts
Colour and Graph­ics sup­port for pdfTeX
Adobe Times Ro­man (or equiv­a­lent) for text and maths
Font sup­port for com­mon PostScript fonts
Pack­ages "re­quired" of a LaTeX dis­tri­bu­tion
Ro­ta­tion tools, in­clud­ing ro­tated full-page floats
Select Adobe Times Ro­man (or equiv­a­lent) as de­fault font
Color sep­a­ra­tion
Merge two DVI files to­gether
Con­vert EPS to ‘en­cap­su­lated’ PDF us­ing Ghostscript
In­clude En­cap­su­lated PostScript in LaTeX doc­u­ments
So­phis­ti­cated ver­ba­tim text
Pro­cess XSL-FO
Help with in­stalling fonts for TeX and LaTeX
Sup­press page head­ings on float-only pages
Met­rics for IBM fonts
Macros sup­port­ing Jade DSSSL out­put
Ex­am­ples from The LaTeX Web Com­pan­ion
Ex­am­ples from The LaTeX Graph­ics Com­pan­ion, sec­ond edi­tion
Ex­am­ples from The LaTeX Graph­ics Com­pan­ion
Use Times as de­fault text font, and pro­vide maths sup­port
Make ref­er­ence to sec­tion names, etc
Macros, met­rics, etc., to use the OT2 Cyril­lic en­cod­ing
Macros for type­set­ting Ob­ject Z
Sup­port pack­age for XML/SGML type­set­ting
Tools for cre­at­ing a dis­tri­bu­tion of font met­rics
Ac­cess to PostScript stan­dard Sym­bol and Ding­bats fonts
Select Adobe Palatino as de­fault text font
Make over­head slides
Scale text to make it fit a given width
LaTeX sup­port for the Text Com­pan­ion fonts
Fit text to a de­sired size
A jiffy Mul­ti­ple Master tool
Pack­ages to use a se­lec­tion of Adobe Type 1 fonts
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