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Jörg Knappen

Bashkirian extension to OT2 fonts
Style option for writing Esperanto texts
Computer modern fonts in T1 and TS1 encodings
Fonts for African languages
Typeset Maxwell's non-commutative division
Hyphenation patterns for Bahasa Indonesia
Miscellaneous packages by Joerg Knappen
Hyphenation patterns for kurmanji, T1 encoded
Inputenc encoding for verbatim ISO 8859-3 use
Inputenc encoding for verbatim ISO 8859-2 use
Inputenc encoding for verbatim ISO 8859-1 use
Use the bbold fonts in mathematics
Frequently answered questions about TeX extension
Two extra alignment options for \parbox
Make hyphens print as minus signs where appropriate
Suppport for LaTeX formulae as SGML PCDATA
Exchange Roman and Sans faces in a document
Provide compatibility names for textcomp.sty
Metrics for using Type 1 fonts available in VMS
Young tableaux
Support for Bahasa within babel
Represent counters by letters of the Greek alphabet
Support for using RSFS fonts in maths
Transliteration of semitic languages
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