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Jörg Knappen

Bashkirian ex­ten­sion to OT2 fonts
Style op­tion for writ­ing Esperanto texts
Com­puter mod­ern fonts in T1 and TS1 en­cod­ings
Fonts for African lan­guages
Type­set Maxwell's non-com­mu­ta­tive di­vi­sion
Hyphen­ation pat­terns for Ba­hasa In­done­sia
Mis­cel­la­neous pack­ages by Jo­erg Knap­pen
Hyphen­ation pat­terns for kur­manji, T1 en­coded
In­pu­tenc en­cod­ing for ver­ba­tim ISO 8859-3 use
In­pu­tenc en­cod­ing for ver­ba­tim ISO 8859-2 use
In­pu­tenc en­cod­ing for ver­ba­tim ISO 8859-1 use
Use the bbold fonts in math­e­mat­ics
Fre­quently an­swered ques­tions about TeX ex­ten­sion
Two ex­tra align­ment op­tions for \par­box
Make hy­phens print as mi­nus signs where ap­pro­pri­ate
Supp­port for LaTeX for­mu­lae as SGML PCDATA
Ex­change Ro­man and Sans faces in a doc­u­ment
Pro­vide com­pat­i­bil­ity names for textcomp.sty
Met­rics for us­ing Type 1 fonts avail­able in VMS
Young tableaux
Sup­port for Ba­hasa within ba­bel
Rep­re­sent coun­ters by let­ters of the Greek al­pha­bet
Sup­port for us­ing RSFS fonts in maths
Translit­er­a­tion of semitic lan­guages
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