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Matt Swift

Chicago Manual citations in LaTeX
Attribution of block quotations in LaTeX
Text abbreviations in LaTeX
Abstract LaTeX
Chicago Manual BibTeX style
Sub-document environments in LaTeX
Document (LaTeX) programming with LaTeX
Quote short scripted dialogue in LaTeX
Production-style stage script in LaTeX
Develop and distribute LaTeX packages and classes and BibTeX styles
A collection of LaTeX packages
Unsupported packages from the Frankenstein bundle
Extended \include
Text ellipses in LaTeX
LaTeX defining, expansion, and debugging commands
Obsolete name for Frankenstein
Reimplemented \include system for LaTeX
Set the font size relative to the current font size
Slanted emphasis in LaTeX
Edit doc.sty and normal LaTeX files with GNU Emacs
Titles of books, articles, etc. in LaTeX
Block-element hooks in LaTeX
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