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Timothy Van Zandt

Sophisticated verbatim text
Framed boxes for Plain TeX
A PSTricks package for coils, etc
Trees, using pstricks
Create EPS files from PSTricks figures
A loop facility for Generic TeX
Text and character manipulation in PSTricks
Create and manage graphical overlays
Shade cells of tables and halign
Variants of \fbox and other games with boxes
Deprecated entry for PStricks package
A PSTricks package for tilting and other pseudo-3D tricks
Make posters and banners with TeX
Filling with colour gradients, using PStricks
Nodes and node connections in pstricks
Draw trees with more than on root node, using PSTricks
Make overhead slides
Macros to print two-up
Allows selected environments to be included/excluded
Plot data using PSTricks
PostScript macros for TeX
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