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The "Asana Math" OpenType font includes all mathematical symbols
included in the latest version of Unicode. It includes a MATH t
able as an extension to OpenType that would enable selecting glyphs 
for stretchy operators in a not-so-font-specific manner. It has 
been successfully tested with XeTeX 0.9997.4 and Word 2007/2010. 
The font was constructed using glyphs from the pxfonts of Young Ryu 
while many symbols were designed by the author. The name  Asana 
(Ἀσάνα, Asána) is the name of the mythological goddess Athena in 
the Doric dialect. The font is almost finished, but it is quite 
possible that users may find bugs and/or problems. Anyone who will 
find a bug or a problem, should contact the author and report her 
findings. The TrueType version of the font is provided for people
using Word and should not be included in a standard TeX installation.

Apostolos Syropoulos
Xanthi, Greece
July 5, 2011


Name Size Date Notes
Asana-Math.otf 428892 2014-05-07 08:44
Asana-Math.ttf 499052 2014-05-07 08:31
FontLog.txt 1591 2014-05-07 08:44
README 922 2011-07-05 05:01

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (580.0k).

asana-math – A font to type­set maths in X(La)TeX and Lua(La)TeX

The Asana-Math font is an OpenType font that in­cludes al­most all math­e­mat­i­cal Uni­code sym­bols and it can be used to type­set math­e­mat­i­cal text with any soft­ware that can un­der­stand the MATH OpenType ta­ble (e.g., XTeX 0.997 and Mi­crosoft Word 2007).

The font is beta soft­ware.

Type­set­ting sup­port for use with LaTeX is pro­vided by the fontspec and uni­code-math pack­ages.

Pack­age De­tailsasana-math
Li­censeThe SIL Open Font Li­cense
Copy­right2007,2011 Apos­to­los Sy­ropou­los
Main­tainerApos­to­los Sy­ropou­los
Con­tained inTeXlive as Asana-Math
MikTeX as asana-math
Topics fonts for use in math­e­mat­ics
font in OpenType for­mat
fonts them­selves
See also xits
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