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font in OpenType for­mat

Ac­can­this fonts, with LaTeX sup­port
Ara­bic-Latin Modern Fixed ex­tends TeX-Gyre Latin Modern Mono 10 Reg­u­lar to full Ara­bic Uni­code sup­port
An­tykwa Toruńska: a Type 1 fam­ily of a Pol­ish tra­di­tional type
A font to type­set maths in Xe(La)TeX and Lua(La)TeX
Us­ing the free ASAP Sym­bol font with LaTeX and Plain TeX
Com­puter Modern and AMS fonts in out­line form
Ex­ten­sion and mod­i­fi­ca­tion of Basker­valdADF with LaTeX sup­port
Bere­nis ADF fonts and TeX/LaTeX sup­port
A hu­man­ist Sans Serif font, with LaTeX sup­port
Us­ing the free Chivo fonts with LaTeX
URW Clas­sico fonts
Com­puter Modern Uni­code font fam­ily
Cochineal fonts with LaTeX sup­port
Use Comic Neue with TeX(-alike) sys­tems
Cor­morant Gara­mond fam­ily of fonts
Crim­son fonts with LaTeX sup­port
The Cy­clop type­face
A font for DANTE's logo
A com­plete fam­ily of fonts writ­ten in
LaTeX sup­port for EBGara­mond fonts
Font pack­age de­rived from Heuris­tica and Utopia
Four ba­sic fonts for Chi­nese type­set­ting
A free Bembo-like font
A maths sym­bol font
Ex­tended ver­sion of Knuth’s logo type­face
Fira fonts with LaTeX sup­port
Font con­tain­ing web-re­lated icons
Fonts for type­set­ting in Church Slavonic lan­guage
An OpenType Greek cal­lig­ra­phy font
A mod­ern Greek font de­sign
A Greek font, from one such by Baskerville
A Greek and Latin font based on Bodoni
A Greek font with a long his­tory
A Greek font based on Di­dot's work
A Greek font in the Neo-Hel­lenic style
A Greek font, orig­i­nally from Por­son
A Greek-al­pha­bet font
Gil­lius fonts with LaTeX sup­port
A Uni­code font, with rather wide cov­er­age
Fonts ex­tend­ing Utopia, with LaTeX sup­port files
IM Fell English fonts with LaTeX sup­port
A monospaced font, with sup­port files for use with TeX
A two-el­e­ment sans-serif font
A two-el­e­ment sans-serif type­face
Use of Linux Lib­er­tine and Bi­olinum fonts with LaTeX
Linux Lib­er­tine fonts for use with Lua(La)TeX and Xe(La)TeX
The Lib­ert­i­nus font fam­ily
LaTeX sup­port for the Li­bre Baskerville fam­ily of fonts
Li­bre Bodoni fonts with LaTeX sup­port
Li­bre Caslon fonts, with LaTeX sup­port
Ac­cess lily­pond frag­ments and glyphs, in LaTeX
Latin mod­ern fonts in out­line for­mats
OpenType maths fonts for Latin Modern
Sym­bol fonts to match Adobe Myr­iad Pro
The Miama Nueva hand­writ­ing font with LaTeX sup­port
LaTeX sup­port for Min­tSpirit font fam­i­lies
Al­ter­na­tive uses of the PX fonts, with im­proved met­rics
Sup­port files for Nim­bus 2015 Core fonts
Sup­port for Noto fonts
OCR-B fonts in Type 1 and OpenType
Old Stan­dard: A Uni­code Font for Clas­si­cal and Medieval Stud­ies
Parisa fam­ily of fonts
Disk of Phais­tos font
Play­fair Dis­play fonts with LaTeX sup­port
An­tykwa Półtawskiego Fam­ily of Fonts
OpenType ver­sion of Knuth's Punk font
LaTeX sup­port for Qu­at­tro­cento and Qu­at­tro­cento Sans fonts
Use Rale­way with TeX(-alike) sys­tems
Us­ing the free Rosario fonts with LaTeX
Semaphore al­pha­bet font
Use SourceCodePro with TeX(-alike) sys­tems
Use SourceSan­sPro with TeX(-alike) sys­tems
Use SourceSer­ifPro with TeX(-alike) sys­tems
OpenType Uni­code maths fonts
Greek and Cyril­lic to ac­com­pany Times
TeX Fonts ex­tend­ing freely avail­able URW fonts
A font fam­ily that ex­tends URW Gothic L
A font fam­ily that ex­tends URW Book­man L
A font that ex­tends URW Chancery L
A font that ex­tends URW Nim­bus Mono L
Maths fonts to match tex-gyre text fonts
Maths fonts to match TeX Gyre Bonum
Maths fonts to match TeX Gyre De­javu
Maths fonts to match the tex-gyre-pag­ella text font
Maths fonts to match TeX Gyre Schola
Maths fonts to match the tex-gyre-ter­mes text font
A font fam­ily that ex­tends URW Pal­la­dio L
A font that ex­tends URW Cen­tury Schola
A font fam­ily that ex­tends URW Nim­bus Ro­man
Fonts to type­set with the xgreek pack­age
Univer­salis font, with sup­port
Ven­turis ADF fonts col­lec­tion
Ex­ten­sion of Bit­stream Char­ter fonts
A Sci­en­tific Times-like font with sup­port for math­e­mat­i­cal type­set­ting
OTF con­ver­sion of Yan­nis Har­alam­bous' Old Ger­man dec­o­ra­tive ini­tials
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