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This package provides support files for the Adobe Caslon font family
in pdfLaTeX. (The LuaTeX and XeTeX engines support system fonts
directly, but there are still good reasons to use pdfTeX.)

Version 2.0:  Added support for expert fonts


See the file adobecaslon.pdf. If you do not have this file, you
probably have the development sources, not the distribution. Get the
distribution from http://www.ctan.org/pkg/adobecaslon

Building from development sources

(This should only be necessary if you are a developer wanting to work
on the package.)

Before you start, you must have installed the PostScript Type 1 font
files (.pfb) in TEXMF/fonts/type1/adobe/adobecaslon

You also need the “make” utility installed (many systems will have
this already).

Then, if you have just the base fonts, run:


or, if you have the expert fonts, run:

    make expert

and then, assuming everything went OK,

    make install

to install in TEXMFLOCAL. If you want to install elsewhere, you can
specify a different TEXMF; for example,

    make install TEXMF=`kpsewhich --expand-var='$TEXMFHOME'`

to install under TEXMFHOME.

Finally, follow the final part of the installation instructions in the
“Installation” section of adobecaslon.pdf, a copy of which should now
be in the current directory.


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adobe­caslon.pdf 279465 2014-12-18 02:44
pac-sam­ple-ex­pert.pdf 351515 2014-12-18 02:44
pac-sam­ple.pdf 173433 2014-12-18 02:44

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (842.4k).

adobe­caslon – Adobe Caslon font in LaTeX

The pack­age pro­vides sup­port files for the Adobe Caslon font fam­ily. The font’s name, in the nam­ing scheme spec­i­fied in font­name, is pac.

The pack­age does not pro­vide the (com­mer­cial) fonts them­selves.

Pack­age De­tailsadobe­caslon
Li­censeBSD Style Li­cense
Copy­right2012–2014 Boris Veyts­man
Main­tainerBoris Veyts­man
TDS archiveadobecaslon.tds.zip
Con­tained inMiKTeX as adobe­caslon
Topics sup­port is for a font not avail­able on CTAN
met­rics, macro in­can­ta­tions and other font sup­port
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