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The `ze' fonts (virtual T1 fonts)
version 2.1

by Robert Fuster (rfuster\@ mat.upv.es)
        Departament de Matem\`atica Aplicada
        Universitat Polit\`ecnica de Val\`encia
        46071 Val\`encia (Spain)

        June 24, 1997
        September 17, 1998
        July 17, 2000

    The `zd' fonts by Constantin Kahn (kahn@math.uni-hannover.de)
    are virtual T1 encoded Computer Modern fonts based on (OT1) Computer
    Modern, Times, and Helvetica fonts, intended for simulate `dc'
    fonts. (Waine Sullivan's `dm' fonts are another approach to
    the substitution of `dc' fonts by virtual ones.)

    Because `dc' fonts are now obsolete, I've adapted the Kahn's package to
    `ec' fonts. The resulting virtual fonts are named according to the ec
    fonts names, changing `ec' by `ze' (zerm1000.vf simulates ecrm1000, and
    so on).

    Another virtual T1 encoded Computer Modern fonts are the almost european
    (`am') fonts, by Lars Engebretsen (enge@nada.kth.se). The main difference
    between `am' and `ze' fonts is that almost european fonts only use
    Computer Modern fonts to simulate the European Modern and, then,
    more characters are lost.


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ze­fonts – Vir­tual fonts to pro­vide T1 en­cod­ing from ex­ist­ing fonts

The pack­age pro­vides vir­tual T1 en­coded (mostly) Com­puter Modern fonts based on (OT1) Com­puter Modern to­gether with Times and Hel­vetica fonts, in­tended to sim­u­late ec fonts.

The 'ae' fonts do a sim­i­lar task, but miss some glyphs that aren’t avail­able in OT1.

Pack­age De­tailsze­fonts
Li­censeUn­known Sta­tus, No In­for­ma­tion Avail­able
Main­tainerCon­stantin Kahn (in­ac­tive)
Robert Fuster
Con­tained inMiKTeX as ze­fonts
Topics vir­tual font(s) us­ing ex­ist­ing fonts
fonts them­selves
font pro­vid­ing LaTeX T1 en­cod­ing sup­port
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