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vir­tual font(s) us­ing ex­ist­ing fonts

Vir­tual fonts for T1 en­coded CMR-fonts
Al­most Euro­pean Con­crete Ro­man vir­tual fonts
Add sev­eral kinds of guillemets to the ae fonts
Remap Com­puter Modern fonts
Vir­tual fonts for PostScript An­tykwa ToruĊ„ska font
Us­ing Bec­cari's fonts in be­ta­code for clas­si­cal Greek
T1-en­coded ver­sions of Har­alam­bous old Ger­man fonts
Rus­sian fonts in "al­ter­na­tive" en­cod­ing
Vir­tual fount setup for us­ing old style dig­its
Upright punc­tu­a­tion with CM slanted
Upright punc­tu­a­tion with CM italic
Man­age Corel-dis­tributed fonts
Use the DC fonts with old-style nu­mer­als
Vir­tual fonts to pro­vide T1 en­cod­ing
LaTeX sup­port for EBGara­mond fonts in math­e­mat­ics
Old­style nu­mer­als us­ing EC fonts
Euler vir­tual math fonts
Use New Cen­tury School­book text with Fourier maths fonts
Al­ter­na­tive un­slanted italic Com­puter Modern fonts
Vir­tual fonts for T2A-en­coded fonts
Old style nu­mer­als with EC fonts
Omega fonts for char­ac­ters used in study of San­skrit
Use Times as de­fault text font, and pro­vide maths sup­port
Upright dig­its in Adobe Utopia Italic
En­able use of Min­ion Pro with newtx
Ad­don to the newtx pack­age
Vir­tual maths al­pha­bets based on px­fonts and tx­fonts
A math­e­mat­i­cal cal­li­graphic font based on rsfs
Cor­rect place­ment of ac­cents in sans-serif maths
Vir­tual in­vis­i­ble fonts for use with LaTeX Slides class
Vir­tual fonts to pro­vide T1 en­cod­ing from ex­ist­ing fonts
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