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pst2pdf is a Perl script which isolates all PostScript or
PSTricks related parts of the TeX document into single
LaTeX files, for which an eps and pdf image is created. 
The pdf ones are then imported in a last pdflatex run
for the pdf output of the main document. The eps and
pdf files are saved in a subdirectory images.

Syntax: file[.tex] [options] 

alternative: perl file[.tex] [options]

Some restrictions:

The pspicture environment can be nested, the postscript one NOT! 
pspicture can be inside of a postscript environment, but 
not vice versa.

The postscript environment should be used for all other
PostScript related commands, which are not part of
a pspicture environment, e.g. nodes inside normal text.

pst2pdf creates a document file-pdf.tex for use with
pdflatex, which then creates file-pdf.pdf. The created
images are named file-fig-<No>.pdf

  -h,-help          - display this help and exit
  -l,-license       - display license information and exit
  -imageDir         - the dir for the created images (default images) 
  -d,-DPI=<int>     - the dots per inch for a cretaed ppm files (default 75)
  -j,-jpg           - create .jpg files (need pdftoppm and ImageMagick)
  -p,-png           - create .png files (need pdftoppm and ImageMagick)
  -e,-eps	        - create .eps files	(need pdftops)
  -Iscale=<real>    - the value for [scale=] in \\includegraphics 
  -noImages         - generate file-pdf.tex, but not images
  -v,-verbose       - creates log file (.plog)
  -c,-clear         - delete all tmp files
  -runBibTeX        - run bibtex on the aux file, if exists
  -runBiber         - run biber on the bcf file, if exists
  -s,-single	    - create images whitout pdftk
  -a,-all	        - create all image type and images.tex	
  -x,-xetex         - using (Xe)LaTeX for compilation
  -PS2=<opt>        - pass options to ps2pdf (default empty)

for more documentation => pst2pdf --help or read the documentation
Herbert Voss 2010-01-04


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Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (528.9k).

pst2pdf – A script to com­pile pstricks doc­u­ments via pdf­tex

The script ex­tracts the pream­ble of the doc­u­ment and runs all

\be­gin{pspic­ture}...\end{pspic­ture} and

sep­a­rately through LaTeX with the same pream­ble as the orig­i­nal doc­u­ment; thus it cre­ates EPS, PNG and PDF files of these snip­pets. In a fi­nal PDFLaTeX run the script re­places the en­vi­ron­ments with \in­clude­graph­ics to in­clude the pro­cessed snip­pets.

De­tail doc­u­men­ta­tion is ac­quired from the doc­u­ment it­self via Perl­doc.

Pack­age De­tailspst2pdf
Li­censeGNU Gen­eral Public Li­cense
Copy­right2011 Her­bert Voß
Main­tainerPablo Gonzáles
Her­bert Voß
Con­tained inTeXlive as pst2pdf
MikTeX as pst2pdf
Topics graph­ics (sup­port pack­ages)
con­vert­ing graph­ics files from out­put or (E)PS to em­bed­dable PDF
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